Interactive display
Wall-mounted design

03 Series android interactive display

With networked combined playback design advertising content; With USB/serial port for peripheral expansion; applied to all kinds of scenes that need to display interaction…

Kiosk design

75 Series touch screen kiosk

Touch screen kiosk adopts low-power ARM architecture, which has the choice of capacitive touch function or infrared touch function, and has a combination of networked playback design advertising content, and has USB/serial port for peripheral expansion; applied to each kind interactive scenes…

Customized design

Transparent LCD display cabinet

Transparent showcase shows advertising and provide the opportunity to showcase real products.
It can be integrated into store windows, display cases, billboards, and more to make static words and images more kinetic.

Desktop Android Touch Screen Display

Desktop Android Touch Screen Displays, it is with high-performace & high-quality function. It is RK3188 Cortex A9 chipest, with 1GB RAM runing memory; support WiFi; RJ45 port etc…

Touch Screen Kiosk with Card reader and ticket printer

Touch Screen Kiosk with Card reader and ticket printer adopts a closed-type design, which has strong safety performance, simple and elegant design, and adopts industrial quality, stable low-power operation; integrates a variety of expansion devices as a whole, including bill printers and IC-Card reader;

Bar display with infrared touch

Bar screen infrared touch display meets the requirements of outdoor interactive display for fast start-up and clear image display in a low-temperature environment and operates at all natural weather temperatures.