All in one display
Wall-mounted design

07 Series all in one pc touch screen

07 Series all in one pc touch screen adopts wall-mounted slim caseing, front set operation interface; it is suitable for teaching or meeting places; this series can be quickly producted with 3 to 7 days;

Industrial touchscreen monitor

Industrial touchscreen monitor front cover support IP65 waterproof,Suitable for embedded installation.Site-specific requirements applicable to information exchange;

03 Series all in one media display

All configurations can be customized, including main chip, memory and storage space, etc., which can greatly satisfy customers’ needs in various application scenarios…

Kiosk design

Inclined plane query kiosk

Inclined plane query kiosk is suitable for marketing promotion: in shopping plazas, retail outlets, clubs, restaurant outlets, etc., through the release of multimedia information, promotional advertising, event notifications, etc., to enhance customer experience and enhance participation enthusiasm;

Self-service information inquiry kiosk

Self-service information inquiry kiosk modular design, installation and maintenance is simple; can set a variety of extended peripheral equipment as one, easy to operate;

75 Series interactive kiosk

Interactive kiosk adopts X86 architecture combined with capacitive touch or infrared touch (different model selection) functions, all configurations can be customized according to customers, including the main chip, memory and storage space, etc.;

Customized design

Coffee table all in one display

Coffee table all in one display appearance is beautiful, design is fashionable, easy to move, no environmental construction, with outdoor use protection level;

Self-service lottery kiosk

Self-service lottery kiosk have built-in two-dimensional scanning modules to use self-service recognition. The data transfer performance of human-computer interaction, collection of self-service selling software, and then to achieve the lottery self-help brush code payment and brush code self-reward function.