Digital photo frame

Digital photo frame for family

Digital photo frames are breathing new life into how we connect and share special moments with our families. With unique features and efficient connectivity, Digital photo frames are making it easier for big families to stay connected. So that our family can be sublimated
View and share your photos in a big and beautiful format, the way they are meant to be seen, digital photo frame offers a sleek and intuitive experience.
Get photos from your phone to your frame is with our app, available on both iOS and Android. You can also sync up with online albums including Facebook, Google Photos, and many more.
Or you can skip the computer and load photo files to your frame from a USB stick or SD card. Because adding photos physically from a USB or SD card is a perfectly viable way of sharing photos. Just plug and play.
By send, load, view, share, enjoy, repeat. Digital photo frames will access to current photos, videos, audio messages and the joy that comes from feeling included has never been easier.

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Video picture frame come in a range of sizes and while they may look like traditional photo frames, they’re anything but! They allow you to proudly showcase your digital images in a high resolution, both individually or as a slideshow. It’s easy to transfer photos with a USB port, so you can switch up your Video picture frame display whenever you feel like it.

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