Digital signage in Education

Digital signage in Education

Each day, colleges, schools and universities across the country are utilizing smart digital signage to communicate, inform and update their campuses. Situated in common areas such as cafeterias, student and teacher lounges and libraries, these communication outlets provide a critical link between campus administrators, the facility and the student body.

Digital signage in Education can help you visualize your message and break through the clutter of paper signage with a dynamic way to show event details, building directories, campus mapping, simple announcements and alerts.

Digital signage in Education

What can digital signage do for your education facility?

  • Broadcast announcements (alerts, holidays) more effectively
  • Distribute visitor information such as campus maps, and check-in procedures
  • Replace bulletin boards with effective engagement notices
  • Highlight student and staff contributions and feature other information about your institution

Creating a successful digital signage network depends solely on the content. Content must be innovative, relevant, meaningful, engaging, and evoke emotion in order to consistently draw the attention of the campus populace.

Our Digital Signage solutions are simple to configure, boast HD picture resolution, and allows for the management of multiple display boards from one central location, so your content can always change when necessary, and unlike information on paper signs, it will never deteriorate or be torn down.

Campus-wide Signage Network: A Revenue Stream

Digital signage in Education does not only provide effective communication platforms but also provides additional revenue opportunities when partnered with relevant vendors and advertisers.

  • Brands for cafeteria displays
  • Publishing companies for library displays
  • With dynamic video, integrate advertising space tastefully and make the decision to adopt digital signage even more economical

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