kiosk display

Kiosk display

Kiosk display

Kiosk display is turning out to be quite a common way in which people interact with digital content. The Kiosk display Touch Screen not only help in connecting with customers, but also works as a unique tool that gathers useful customer insights and generates real return on the investment. The multi-touch screen kiosk display can be used indoors as a solution for interactive multimedia applications and also as a part of a large installation to choose or change the video content that is been displayed on another screen or projector.

The Kiosk display or Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk display is normally used in retail, hospitality, banks and public institutions like libraries, schools, universities, courthouses tourism information centres, museums, hospitals etc.

IPS Panels

Clear displays video image quality and precise colour adeptness at a 180° ultra wide viewing angle. Kiosk display with the Touch Screen is no distortion in colour accuracy and no problems in contrast ratio looking at wide angles.

PCAP Touch

Projected Capacitive Touch Technology offers a ultra fast and very sensitive response and high professional performance, combined with a stylish, sleek no-bezel finish design.

24/7 Usage

Built with full commercial grade screen panel and premium components the design are to work 24/7 constantly. The Interactive Panel also has a lifespan of over 70,000 hours of permanent use.


It comes with internal locker on the rear of the display that helps to hide the connectors like VGA, HDMI, LAN, power or USB ports, it also allow to fit a PC depending of the type of application used.


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