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Why select LCD bar display?

LCD bar display is cut from a full HD panel resulting in a display. With ultra high brightness the displays offer high colour and high resolution for amazing image clarity. With an amazing contrast ratio, LCD bar display can offer a unique solution for many applications. (view page…)

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touch screen advertising display

4 advantages of touch screen advertising display in the shopping mall

The rapid development of LCD digital kiosk display has gradually become a new medium that cannot be underestimated in commercial advertisements. Whether in shopping malls, elevator buildings, or dining screens displayed in restaurants, the touch screen advertising display can be seen.

Mirror Advertising display

The Power of Commercial Mirror Advertising Displays: A Comprehensive Guide

There are many types of advertising displays with a wide range of applications. At present, advertising displays on the market include double-sided advertising displays, mirror advertising displays, single or double-sided hanging/wall-mounted advertising displays, elevator advertising displays, touch all-in-one displays, and other applications in different scenarios. The functional advantages are very significant.

Horizontal kiosk

New Guidance: A Floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk

In the touch world is driven by Apple products, everyone is getting used to the convenience of touch and enjoys the joy of using hands and eyes together. The touch floor-standing advertising horizontal kiosk is also the promotion of LCD advertising displays.

Digital display signage

Digital display signage in Retail Business

This is where digital display signage comes in – it’s a powerful tool that can help businesses capture the attention of potential customers and boost sales.

mobile billboard advertising

10 reasons why you use mobile billboard advertising.

Advertising is a crucial component of business success. You need to let people know about your business and what you have to offer. It’ll always be important to advertise online and utilize social media, but it’s also smart to consider using mobile billboard trucks. Why use mobile billboard advertising? Here are about ten reasons why you should be using mobile billboard advertising.

Tf card and SD card

Difference between Tf card and SD card.

Tf card and SD card are two common memory cards, which are widely used in small electronic devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles, etc. are also different.

Raspberry Pi computer in your business

Top 10 uses of Raspberry Pi computer in your business.

Raspberry Pi Computer is a series of small, single-board computers developed to teach computer science basics to school students and other people in low-income countries. It became a popular and easy-to-experiment tool to develop school projects, hardware programming, robotics, basic automated machines, circuits, etc.

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