Office digital signage

The ingenuity of smart digital signage is a major asset for local offices and government institutions.

Diverse, large, multi-functional and varied audiences are all obstacles a government institution needs to tackle when considering its communication and information channels.

Smart Digital Signage simplifies this to a single-channel managed from a central administration location.

Reduce perceived waiting times by scheduling infotainment and utilize digital displays to improve the overall customer experience.

Provide a translation for different languages, drastically reduce print and distribution costs while improving internal communication between departments.

Smart Digital Signage is becoming an essential communication tool for office and local government offering high-level information points for communities, tourists and visitors.

The dynamic and engaging nature of the signage and the flexibility of Shiningltd’s web-based software allow the council to productively engage and deliver content effectively and efficiently.

Smart Digital Signage will also inspire communities and foster involvement and cohesion amongst community-driven events.

More Functions

  • High-priority announcements
  • Display the time and temperature
  • Rate reminders
  • Recycling days
  • Community events
  • Fire bans
  • Community key date announcements
  • Tourism events

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