Most of the chips used in the digital signage industry are from Rockchip. Their RK3288 and RK3399 are widely used.

Rockchip is one of the few design enterprises with international competitiveness in China. The SoC chip products of Rockchip are widely used in industrial control, automotive electronics, intelligent commercial display, intelligent retail, intelligent security, and other fields, it has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, served, supported, and promoted the development of the new economy.


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ARM architecture and X86 architecture
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What difference between arm architecture and x86 architecture

We will mainly introduces the differences between arm architecture and x86 architecture. Firstly, it introduces ARM architecture diagram, secondly, it introduces x86 architecture diagram, and finally from the aspects of performance, scalability, operating system compatibility, the convenience of software development, the diversity of available tools and power consumption are compared in detail between arm architecture and x86 architecture.

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