windows tablet pc

windows tablet pc

Intelligent industrial tablet pc window 10

A new generation of high-performance processors.
Win10 system adopts Intel X5-Z8350high-end processor with fast response.

Windows tablet pc with Windows 10 Multiple mainstream operating systems.
Intel Mainstream chip manufacturers and core technologies have deeply developed.
And customized a variety of operating systems for education.
Provide various solutions in medical treatment, urban public transportation, smart home, and other fields.

Portable mini pc built-in full plane IPS HD screen.
IPS high definition screen multi-touch high resolution.
Reflect the true color so that each pixel is visible.
Mini pc computer can be seen in strong light without dazzling.
Mini pc computer adopts a new manufacturing process and can be touched directly.

R&D / design / innovation / cultivation

  • Mini pc computer
  • Redefining computer form in the new century
  • Our professional R&D and design team integrates modern microcomputers
  • Creative R&D and design, integration and innovative design create Mini pc computer, Exquisite but not simple, say goodby to the bulky old computer!

Wireless WiFi / cable connection

  • Diversified networking methods
  • The double choice is thoughtful
  • This computer has a variety of ways to connect to the network.
  • You can choose WiFi or cable connection Support 100-1000m
    broadband access,work, Entertainment doesn’t have to worry about network speed anymore.
  • It is suitable for routers of various brands

Widely used in business self-service,intelligent medical education industry, Automated plants and other equipment

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Linux compared with windows

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Linux compared with windows?

Windows and Linux are two completely different operating systems. Windows is a commercial operating system developed by Microsoft. More than 90% of computers in the world use Windows operating systems. Linux is an open source and free operating system that can be used without paying for it. Many servers around the world use this operating system.

What is RJ45 interface

What is RJ45 interface?

RJ45 has not only interfaces, but also corresponding crystal heads, mainly referring to 8-pin connectors, which are mainly used for Ethernet. “RJ” means Registered jacks, “45” indicates the standard serial number of the interface. RJ45 usually connects the end to an Ethernet cable, which is used to connect various network devices, such as computers, routers, switches, etc.

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