Technical Indicators of Electronic Sand Table

Understanding the Technical Indicators of Electronic Sand Table.

Want to know more about the technical indicators of electronic sand tables? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about this innovative technology.

Technical indicators of Electronic sand table

Pure plane display

LCD is the representative of flat panel display devices, which is a true flat panel display, completely free of curvature, large images, and distortion.

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Uniform brightness, stable and non flickering image

Due to the fact that each point of the LCD maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, unlike CRT, which requires constant refreshing of highlights. Therefore, LEDs have uniform brightness, high image quality, and absolutely do not flicker.

120HZ frequency doubling refresh frequency

120Hz frequency doubling liquid crystal display technology can effectively solve the trailing and blurring during rapid image movement, enhance the clarity and contrast of the image, make the picture clearer, and the human eye is not prone to fatigue when viewed for a long time.

Longer service life

The service life of the backlight for ordinary NB, PC, and TV LED LCD screens is 10000 to 30000 hours, and the service life of the backlight for large lcd screen can all reach 60000 hours or more, which ensures the consistency of brightness, contrast, and chromaticity of each LCD screen used for mosaic curtain walls after long-term use and ensures that the service life of the curtain wall is not less than 60000 hours.

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Adopt 3D high-quality image digital processing technology

3D digital comb filtering and 3D digital image noise reduction technology can greatly eliminate clutter interference and edge aliasing in image details.

Adopt RC intelligent adaptive digital processing technology

RC refers to adaptive control circuits such as DLC (Dynamic Scene Control), WLE (White Level Extension), and BLE (Black Level Extension). It is particularly suitable for night monitoring when the color to black camera outputs weak signals, and can automatically adjust the gray level and color temperature of the image, ensuring the authenticity of the image and effectively improving the depth of the scene.

Adopt H2S wide dynamic technology

Video high-definition wide dynamic synchronization adaptive dual bitstream technology can quickly adapt to processing high-definition video image signals at different frequencies, thoroughly solving the visual fatigue caused by image flicker at different frequencies.

In particular, the matching with the front-end special industrial control computer system has undergone professional testing and thoroughly resolved the distortion and attenuation during the secondary playback of the main control computer, eliminating the missing space after 1/2 signal sampling of the data. It is fully capable of automatically adapting to high-speed image signals under different field frequency states, achieving stability, clarity, and real-time performance of the image.

Technical Indicators of Electronic Sand Table

Adopt special edge sharpness image enhancement processing technology

Using a special image edge hooking circuit can greatly eliminate cross color, sawtooth, etc. on the image edges, making the image contour clearer and more hierarchical, thereby more effectively improving the clarity and sharpness of the image.

Adopt fast image capture technology

On the details of the captured person’s face, it can accurately distinguish wrinkles, scars, black stains, etc. on the face, without obvious tail dragging, ghosting, etc., making the restoration of skin color more realistic and realistic.

Intelligent automatic shadow elimination technology is adopted

When the input image is in a static state for a period of time, the system starts a “residual image elimination engine”, which automatically recognizes the static or moving status of the input image, judges the dynamic or static status of the currently displayed screen, and promptly issues commands to cause a certain amount of phase displacement in the horizontal direction of the still image displayed on the screen, thereby eliminating the possibility of liquid crystal molecules being damaged during the still image, Effectively extend the service life of the LCD screen.

High reliability, high stability, long service life, and low maintenance cost

Compared with ordinary LCD TV (display) LCD panels, industrial grade LCD panels use industrial grade power supply modules, low noise fan cooling systems, and operate continuously for over 60000 hours. LCD technology does not have any consumable equipment that requires regular replacement, so maintenance and repair costs are extremely low.

Technical Indicators of Electronic Sand Table

Electronic Sand Table product appearance

The surface coating of the metal shell should not expose the underlying metal, and there should be no bubbles, corrosion, scratches, coating peeling, and sand holes. A third-party inspection report certificate should be provided.

Electronic Sand Table product stability test

Under normal operating conditions, the equipment shall operate continuously for 168 hours without electrical, mechanical, or operating system failures. An inspection report from a third-party inspection agency is required.

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Technical parameterof of Electronic sand table

75 inch display screen parameters
Display Screen backlight type LED
Screen resolution 3840(H)*2160(V)
Viewing angle 165/165/150/150(L/R/U/D)
Color 16.7
Brightness 350cd/m2
Contrast 4000:01:00
Visible area 1646.5mm(H)×924.7mm(V)
Touch screen Recognition principle Infrared recognition
Multi touch 10 touch
Anti light interference The screen can be used normally when light is irradiated at various angles
Writing method Fingers, pens (any opaque object with a diameter>6mm)
Touch accuracy Over 95% of the touch area is ± 2mm
Communication method Full speed USB 2.0/3.0
Writing screen surface hardness Physical tempered, Class 7 explosion-proof
Touch Life Service life over 80000 hours
Optional PC configuration CPU Standard Intel I3 I5 I7 (optional)
Memory Standard 4G DDR3 (optional)
Hard disk 128G solid-state drive (optional)
Hardware parameters chip MSD648
CPU CortexA53*4 1.5GHz
RAM,Flash 2+16G
Android version 12
Interface YPBPR input 1 * iPhone terminals (black)
CVBS video input 1 * 3-in-1 terminal (black)
PC-RGB input 1 * D-SUB 15Pin terminal (blue)
PC-RGB audio input 1 * headphone terminal (black)
2 * HDMI input
2 * USB2.0 terminal
RS232 D-SUB 9Pin terminal (black)
RJ45 network port terminal input
Headphone sound output (black)
CVBS video output
Coaxial output
Horn 8 Ω 10W
Front interface Narrow side: X86 USB * 2
input voltage AC power: 100~240v 50/60HZ
Overall power ≤650W
Battery Save <0.5W
Gross weight 120KG
Bare metal size (length * width * height) 2263*1318*113.8(mm)
Package size (length * width * height)