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    Brief introduction

    LCD display kiosk is a new concept of media. It refers to a multimedia audio-visual system that publishes commercial, financial, and entertainment information through HD screen terminals in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, hotels, cinemas, and other public places where people gather.
    With the development of digital signage applications, digital display kiosk as a specific application form has become a typical representative of digital signage applications different from other commercial display applications. Especially in the retail industry, the application of LCD display kiosk is regarded as the “Model” of digital display application penetration.

    LCD display kiosk characteristic

    Advertising kiosk can broadcast advertising information to specific people in a specific place and a specific period of time. Meanwhile, it can also count and record the playing time, playing time and playing a range of multimedia content, and even realize the powerful functions of interactive function, recording interactive behavior, user stay time, and so on while playing.
    Born from the traditional digital marketing concept, Floor standing kiosk has strong adaptability to the complexity of the application environment in public places. For example, Floor standing kiosk mostly adopts solid aluminum alloy and reinforced glass as the shell, integrated design, full HD / highlight/group split-screen, supporting the release and docking of various information systems, industrial-level design, safe and stable, simple maintenance, scientific and technological Learn the design of heat dissipation system, effectively prevent dust and human scratch, etc., to ensure the safe and stable application of products in the densely populated environment.

    LCD display kiosk application

    Depending on the information release system of shopping malls, the Totem kiosk can do well in the advertising model of functional areas and working groups. Through the central control, it can realize the unified management of the whole city and even the national chain outlets, the unified release of promotional activities, the unified release of public information and the central monitoring, and improve the management and publicity of shopping malls.
    At the same time, in the retail industry, due to the scattered user groups and wide application range, the personalized application characteristics of the market are very prominent. In the practical application, Advertising kiosk is not only placed in a flexible position but also highly adjustable, so that the users of the industry can adjust in time according to the application needs, to maximize the convenience of customer operation, so as to stimulate the application enthusiasm. For example, in the application of shopping malls, the Advertising kiosk can better integrate the interactive links, including the independent query of products and the acquisition of promotional information, and even more targeted coupon printing. The flexibility of Advertising kiosk is highly consistent with the application demand, which is also an important reason why it is favored by retail users.
    The starting point and position of the supermarket managers and the advertising operators are different. The advertising operators pay more attention to the advertising revenue, while the supermarket managers pay more attention to the positioning and image of the whole store. The fashionable and perfect model of the LCD display kiosk can fully decorate the shopping environment, especially when the multiple machines are playing synchronously, it can render a magnificent momentum, so as to improve the grade and grade of the store.

    LCD display kiosk prospect

    Compared with the fixed location of wall-mounted Digital display, most of the Digital display kiosk can be dragged away, installed more freely and flexibly, and can better meet the personalized application needs of retail industry users. Moreover, based on the premise of flexibility, in the rapidly rising tide of interaction, LCD display kiosk has successfully shaped quite “grounded” interaction, greatly improving the cost-performance ratio.
    In the digital display application market, the retail industry is a market with great potential and needs to be developed. Most of the users in this market have limited funds, which has become the main obstacle for them to carry out digital marketing. Compared with the digital display system with large screen display products as the terminal, Advertising kiosk not only meets the simple needs of the mass market in the installation and maintenance process but also has the economic advantage that users pay most attention to is the cost. Therefore, in the retail industry just starting in digital marketing, it is easier to seize the first opportunity.

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