The difference between Android advertising display and Multimedia display

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    Android advertising display and Multimedia display

    Advertising display is a new generation of intelligent equipment. It is controlled by terminal software, network information transmission and multimedia terminal flash memory, forming a complete advertisement control system. It also promotes through pictures, texts, videos, plug-ins (climate, exchange rate, etc.) and other multimedia materials. Advertising display begin with the concept of advertising automation, so their interactivity gives them many public service functions, which can attract customers to read advertisements automatically.

    Therefore, at the beginning of the birth of the advertising display, its mission was to change the forms of advertisements that were forced to convey and attract customers to read advertisements automatically through interactive means. The development direction of advertising machine has been continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction, etc. So there are Android advertising display and multimedia display (which Embedded Windows OS) respectively. The following are the differences between the two:

    Android advertising display and Multimedia display

    1. System stability

    Multimedia display (which Embedded Windows OS):

    (1)The Multimedia display is backward in update, with many vulnerabilities and instability. It is vulnerable to viruses and Trojans, which may cause File loss or failure to open;

    (2) The Multimedia display cannot be customized and developed in depth. The cost of the genuine Windows OS system is very high. If it is not genuine, you need to find a way to activate it;

    (3) The software version of the system is relatively low, so you need to uninstall and upgrade the software or install the third-party external software;

    (4) All software and programs are pre-installed on disk C, which increases the burden on the system. Even if uninstalled, there are still a large number of garbage fragments, which is easy to slow down the system.

    (5) Abnormal shutdown is easy to cause system crash or file loss.

    Android advertising display:

    (1) Open-source systems can be deeply developed and customized. For example, all Internet TVs are currently deeply developed and customized Android systems, and their stability has been recognized by the market.

    (2) It is due to the openness of the system that attracts a large number of software and hardware technicians to join. At present, most of the software and hardware needed for office, teaching and entertainment are supported.

    (3) The system version is updated very quickly. It is easy and convenient to upgrade to the software and hardware compatibility problems found in the market.

    (4) the system files are hidden and invisible, which is not easy to infect viruses and has low maintenance costs.

    (5) Without shutting down the machine according to the process steps, it can be powered off directly without causing system crash.

    2. Sense of touch experience

    Multimedia display

    Windows system is mainly developed for desktop computer applications to meet the needs of office and entertainment. Through keyboard and mouse operation, it performs better from Windows10 system in touch.

    Android advertising display:

    Android system itself is created for touch, so it performs best in touch support. The touch experience of many Android-based applications is significantly higher than that of windows applications, android also supports keyboard input and mouse operation.

    Android advertising display and Multimedia display

    3. Maintenance convenience

    Multimedia display

    The hardware configuration of Windows Multimedia display is similar to that of PC in other aspects except the addition of touch screen, which requires cpu, hard disk, memory, etc. Most of them are inserted into interfaces, which may cause looseness during transportation and lead to failure of starting up. There are too many maintenance interfaces, and these accessory manufacturers are inconsistent, and compatibility faults are prominent, such as blue screen and memory error code.

    Android advertising display:

    Android advertising display hardware is integrated and packaged, and all hardware is packaged on the motherboard, so transportation will not be loose. And after long-term professional compatibility and adaptation by manufacturers, there is no compatibility concern. System problems can be solved by re-upgrading the USB flash drive or swiping the machine. The operation process has been greatly optimized and can be completed without professionals.

    4. Application scalability

    Multimedia display

    Due to the long-term application of windows system in the market, the software based on windows system is also very rich, but in the touch environment of all-in-one display, some applications do not support well and need to be deeply customized by software manufacturers, both cost and effect need to be optimized.

    Android advertising display:

    The application of Android system is later than that of windows. Although the application supported is not as many as that of windows system, due to the free and open system, many software manufacturers have developed more and more applications in recent years, at present, there is no problem in supporting office, teaching and entertainment. What is more important is that application development itself is customized to support touch development, and touch experience is better than windows all-in-one machine.

    Android advertising display and Multimedia display

    5. Cost performance

    Under the same experience configuration, the cost details of windows OS Multimedia display are higher than those of Android advertising display in terms of both hardware costs and system copyright issues, which is also a common fact known to all in the market.

    In a word, compared with Multimedia display, Android advertising display have more and more advantages in system stability, hardware stability, developability, maintenance cost and cost performance, more customers tend to choose Android advertising display.

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