Tips to Create Amazing Library Digital Signage

Tips to Create Amazing Library Digital Signage

Digital signage is always considered a tool for marketing campaigns and customer engagement. But when we talk about library digital signage, it’s not only about marketing & advertising. Rather, it’s about accomplishing two critical goals. One is to make your library more equipped for today’s readers, for whom digital is the only way of communication. The second, and probably the most vital, is to overcome the challenges the 21st century imposes on public libraries.

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Some ideas for Library digital signage

Library branding

One great use of digital signage library is library branding. Branding activities are often at the bottom of the library’s priority list. However, some simple efforts can go a long way in creating a positive image for your organization.

For example, your library could display pictures and interesting facts regarding the library’s history and founding. Additionally, you could have a “Meet Our Librarians” series where you display interesting and playful interviews from which the public can get to know each librarian.

Library event promotion

Libraries often have a variety of useful and informative workshops. Unfortunately, these workshops often suffer from low attendance. Whether the workshop is on using the library’s search interface, conducting research with the library’s database tools, or best practices for source citation, you can display these event times, descriptions, and RSVP links on your library’s digital signages.

Tips to Create Amazing Library Digital Signage

Improving return times for library materials

Of course, one of the major issues libraries deal with is the issue of late materials. Improper management of late materials increases instances of materials being lost, and late materials prevent other members from accessing the information they need.

Libraries can use digital signage to display the member’s name, the material title, and the number of days the item is past due on the library’s digital signage display. User privacy can be respected here, as libraries can elect to display only the first letter of a user’s last name. However, displaying this information on digital signage can help remind members who may need a little nudge to return their late materials. Members might be a bit surprised when they see their name on a library digital display, but it is this feeling of surprise that will likely get them to take action.

Increasing organizational communication

A library is often part of a larger organization. School libraries are a part of the school, and public libraries are part of the city. Display time on a library’s digital signage can be used to display communications from the library’s parent or partner organization.

Elementary school library signage can display information that is useful to parents, such as reminders to complete their child’s annual health checkup or to sign their child’s field trip release forms. You can learn more about digital signage use cases in education from our previous article. On the other hand, public library digital signage can display city notices such as upcoming road or utility repairs or upcoming town hall meeting times.

Tips to Create Amazing Library Digital Signage

Use case of library digital signage

1. Wayfinding signage

For huge libraries with several wings and departments, navigating to the desired corner seems quite a task. You can save your visitors’ time by installing interactive wayfinding design.

On the digital displays, you can show a regular static map of your library or utilize your management’s creativity and turn the map into an interactive one. With icons, motion graphics, and animation, you can make it even easier for visitors to locate the desired point of interest on the map.

For better guidance, go for a touchscreen interactive kiosk with your library wayfinding guide. Let your visitors look for their destination on the touchscreen search bar and find the exact location. They can further zoom in on the screen and get a scrutiny view of the area from the map itself.

2. Self-service kiosks

A self-service kiosk or screen offers easy information sharing, simplified wayfinding, and an uninterrupted display of service features. Thus, it saves time for both users and library managers.

From updating membership plans to issuing books, renewing the period for borrowings, taking printouts of documents & images, and emailing certain information to concerned people — your readers can do it all via their user profile using digital self-service kiosk.

Tips to Create Amazing Library Digital Signage

3. Writer’s wall of fame

Turn your library’s digital signage into a digital wall of fame. Show the names & brief biographies of the most famous authors through the ages. Categorize them according to the language they wrote in and the culture they wrote for, and create engaging and educative content for your digital library signages.

Present the wall of fame in a slideshow format or via motion graphics to help readers grasp matters quickly. Whenever you plan to add or replace any author on the wall, do that immediately by adding or replacing slides from the presentation on your laptop without having to cancel or pause the current slides on display.

4. Social wall

Whether it’s about books or movies, history or politics, gaining information from social media channels has become an imperative daily ritual for us.

Offer your readers a glance at your library page on social media and other relevant social channel feeds. You can create a collage of different social channel feeds and present a close & compact view of the posts on screens.

Tips to Create Amazing Library Digital Signage

5. Digital notice board

Have an urgent notice to convey? Hang it on the displays using a bulletin board app. These apps help you circulate an important message quickly in all your library rooms and divisions. Notices can also be quickly updated using the app.

Your library visitors will prefer digital notices over jumbled-up pieces of paper on a Pinterest board; that’s because digital notice boards are easy to read and are presented in an organized manner.

6. Nearest cafe listing

Your library may or may not have a cafeteria. Even if it has, many readers prefer to hit a coffee shop right after they are done with the day’s wisdom trip.

If your digital signage displays show a list of the nearest cafes, the readers can check that on their way out and visit the most convenient one. Does this add any value to the library directly? No. But, you get to connect with your readers more, which brings them back to your library.

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Library digital signage refers to visual graphics used to convey important information to visitors. Firstly, these visual graphics can communicate information such as where to find the books you are looking for, how to print, and where to get coffee and other amenities.
Digital signage lets library staff update announcements, event notices, and customer info in real-time. This means everyone stays informed and feels part of the library community, with updates provided as soon as changes take place.