touch screen advertising display

4 advantages of touch screen advertising display in the shopping mall

Digital advertising has undergone a revolution with the advent of touch screen advertising display. This technology has become an important medium for commercial advertisements. It is an excellent platform for businesses since mall touchscreens can be placed in strategic areas such as shopping malls, elevator buildings, and restaurants. shopping centre display advertising are a fantastic addition to any business and have been widely adopted in the advertising industry. This technology is a cost-effective means of marketing and increasing brand awareness. With this technology, businesses can showcase their products or services to a wider audience and engage with their customers in an interactive way. Whether it’s a brand-new launch, announcing a sale, or just creating brand awareness, this technology can help businesses expand and stay competitive in the market.

touch screen advertising display

However, the existing store LCD TV broadcast generally has management inconvenience, less information content, poor communication targeted, and other problems. In this situation, the information release system of the touch screen advertising display based on the Internet has become the upstart of advertising display in today’s shopping malls.

1. Touch screen advertising display system function

Advertising display can support Android and Windows two common operating systems. The touch modes include infrared, capacitive, resistance, sound wave, and other touch types. The LCD touch screen advertising display has intelligent, HD, interactive, feeling, transparency, wisdom, and other characteristics. It can be customized according to different use scenarios and user needs.

touch screen advertising display

Under the same experience configuration, the cost details of windows’ AIO touch display are higher than that of Android all-in-one, which is also a fact widely known in the market. From the market feedback, Android touch screen advertising display has more and more advantages in system stability, hardware stability, developability, maintenance cost, and cost performance.

LCD advertising touch all-in-one display can also cooperate with fingerprint instruments, scanners, card readers, micro printers, and other peripherals, which can realize specific requirements such as fingerprint attendance, card swiping, printing, and so on.

2. Application of the shopping mall touch screen advertising display

An LCD touch digital kiosk display placed in the store is used to release welcome words, chain store environment, surrounding traffic guide, and other conditions.

In-store promotional posters make posters related to promotional activities, which can be played through the LCD digital display touch screen kiosk, and can be managed uniformly and updated in real-time.

touch screen advertising display

The customer experience center simulates the customer experience of enterprise products in the actual application environment. Customers can easily choose the application effects of different models of enterprise products in various application environments. Customer experience can be applied to home furnishing, home furnishing, household appliances, kitchen, and bathroom industries.

3. Advantages of digital kiosk display

Digital signage display kiosk information release to solve the needs of advertisers to enhance the brand image of the people, and close the distance with consumers. Strong product promotion, activity promotion, and publicity, public welfare activities popularization are all good.

Point owners beautify the environment of service places, improve customer consumption experience, and improve the overall image level of large shopping malls. Media Main and efficient communication platform carrier, Video + picture + text + Sound, 24-hour uninterrupted combination delivery, convenient material source replacement, to achieve sound and color impact, improve the memory of the audience.

touch screen advertising display

The touch screen display has good video and picture display functions. As long as the hard disk is large enough, rich information can be displayed in the touch display, which saves a lot of advertising costs for various users. The application of the touch screen advertising display has replaced the previous business propaganda leaflets, billboards, and other tools, which not only saves cost, but also saves space.

4. Shopping mall touch screen advertising display can edit and play content independently

The information publishing system of the digital kiosk display can be managed by the mall itself.

According to the needs of the mall and the requirements of the suppliers, the content of the broadcast can be edited and played independently, such as shopping mall promotional video, shopping mall activity promotion, shopping mall emergency notification, and video and text advertisements of various suppliers.

touch screen advertising display

This method can not only enhance the enterprise image of the shopping mall and improve its management level of networking and informatization, but also enable the shopping mall to receive a considerable amount of advertising broadcast expenses, realize advertising revenue, and keep ahead in the competition.


An intelligent touch screen advertising display is now mostly used in classroom teaching, conferences, museums, shopping malls, high-tech exhibitions, and other venues.

Its addition will improve the specifications of classroom teaching, conferences, museums, and shopping malls.

Touch screen advertising display solve the needs of advertisers to enhance the brand image of the people, and close the distance with consumers. Strong product promotion, activity promotion, and publicity, public welfare activities popularization are all good.
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