Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

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Create the best touch screen solutions with our expert assistance. We understand the unique needs of your niche and industry and can tailor solutions to fit your budget and requirements. Whether you’re looking for large screens, compact displays, or embedded designs, we have the expertise to deliver impressive custom solutions. Join us today and discover innovative touch screen solutions tailored just for you.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Gaming & Amusement

For more than 10 years, ShiningLTD has been providing stable touch products to OEM in the global game industry. Touch screen replaces buttons, and gamers can focus more on the game, making the game experience more exciting. The open touch display of ShiningLTD, with high-quality liquid crystal panel, chooses the combination of wide viewing angle, high contrast and definition of pure glass surface structure. It is widely used in games and entertainment equipment, including slot machines, multiplayer game machines, jukeboxes, horse racing Systems, self-service lottery systems, touch games, etc.

The repair and maintenance of traditional gaming display are very time-consuming and expensive. The Surface acoustic screen provided by ShiningLTD is durable, durable and maintenance-free, which is extremely suitable for dealing with harsh environment. The dustproof and waterproof technology of ShiningLTD ensures the sealing performance of products, significantly reduce product costs and long-term maintenance costs. Explosion-proof pure glass products will also ensure the scratch resistance of the screen and the safety of users.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Finance & Banking

Touch screen is widely used in financial industry, such as ATM, ATM, CRS, self-help inquiry machine, self-help payment machine, etc. Self-Service Banking equipment can improve the bank’s work efficiency and reduce labor costs, thus eliminating the time for customers to queue up.

The acoustic touch screen and display of ShiningLTD are suitable for financial self-help equipment. The product has stable touch performance and anti-violent click property, and is very suitable for public places with high frequency of use.

Banking self-service kiosk exhibit strong viability with its user friendly interface. With the widely application of ATMs, bill payment kiosks and interactive information kiosks at the banking departments, time-starved customers no longer spend a large amount of time waiting for their turns. Instead, customers are content to interact with the bank offices through ATM-type systems. ShiningLTD Touch has always been reliable in providing anti-vandalism, water-proof, dust-proof touchscreens and touchmonitors with high safety performance. We help customers design innovative, smart and elegant looking touch solutions. Therefore, ShiningLTD Touch products are highly environment adaptable with high stability and competitive price.

The innovative products division of ShiningLTD has professional self-help equipment for banks, including interactive digital signage, touch advertising display, oversized advertising player, ultra-narrow side splicing screen, etc. With years of experience in the touch industry, it brings customers the highest efficiency and maximum benefits.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Education & Training

With the acceleration of educational informatization, Interactive whiteboards and related solutions are gradually recognized and accepted by more and more educational and training institutions. The whiteboard can not only be written like the traditional blackboard, but also has extremely convenient interactivity with various customized whiteboard softwares. Teachers can write directly on the electronic whiteboard with their fingers, and can effectively interact with students in teaching. The interactive multimedia system brings infinite fun. Under the condition of satisfying the quality of daily teaching, it brings fresh sensory stimulation to the boring teaching content. While continuously improving the informatization of teaching, we should combine teaching with pleasure.

The large-size acoustic touch screen, display and infrared touch screen of ShiningLTD fully meet the harsh requirements of interactive teaching equipment and interactive electronic whiteboard. Accurate positioning, strong adaptability, can be used on equipment of different areas.

Interactive electronic whiteboard can not only enable teachers to better arrange courses and trainings, but also carry out distance education and teach thousands of people at the same time. This saves manpower and resource costs. Touch education equipment is an ideal interactive education solution.

ShiningLTD offers touch solutions for virtually all applications in the education area, from interactive white board in the classroom to specialty displays in the labs, from digital books in the library to wayfinding stations in the student union. ShiningLTD is able to meet these rigorous requirements and deliver the best suited products for education and training.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Medical & Healthcare

In healthcare environments, interactive touchscreens can be used for a variety of purposes: touchscreen directories, wayfinding systems, interactive media walls, patient education and check-ins. The increased use can be attributed to several factors, such as reducing patients’ anxiety, increasing communication between patients and physicians and decreasing costs associated with static signage.

In the medical industry, touch screen can help medical staff get rid of the shackles of mouse and keyboard, and can operate medical equipment through hands or hands wearing gloves. Medical tablet can be applied to nurse workstations, doctor’s offices, patient self-help inquiry, computer-aided medical treatment, etc.

The medical touch products of ShiningLTD include 13.3, 15.6, 17-inch Medical tablet. This series of products adopt brand new industrial design, one-time molding of white shell components, providing rich peripheral interfaces (USB/serial port, VGA/DVI-D video interface). The whole product has excellent touch and display effects, fashionable appearance, simple and elegant. Doctor’s Office: while DTM195 and DTM215 present high-resolution digital images, doctors can directly move images or input data on the screen with their fingers, even if wearing rubber gloves, it does not affect the touch effect at all, intuitive and convenient operation allows doctors to focus more on the diagnostic objects rather than complex operation processes, thus greatly improving the diagnostic efficiency.

Outpatient room/dispensing room: reliable touch performance of Medical tablet helps medical staff to efficiently handle digital prescriptions and get rid of the constraint of mouse and keyboard, which not only saves precious space, but also makes the Workbench cleaner.

Auxiliary Medical treatment/self-help inquiry: Medical tablet can be conveniently installed in the nurse’s room or beside the sickbed, so that medical staff and patients can conveniently inquire and record various information. With dustproof, waterproof and riot-proof designs, DTM156 and DTM175 are used as human-machine interfaces of patient self-service equipment, which is helpful to improve the service level and brand image of the hospital.

Healthcare Automations: Modern medical clinics are increasingly relying on digital medical images and touch-enabled display has made it possible for doctors and nurses to examine the images more efficiently and conveniently.
The SAW Touchscreens and medical touchmoniotrs are excellent options for doctors and nurses offices. With a simple touch interface, doctors can focus on the patients without distraction.

Bedside-service and Patient-service Automations: Touch is a quick and easy interface for patients. Our touchscreens, desktop and open-frame touchmonitors are best choices of self-service terminals for patients. With the touch-enabled terminals, patients can perform simple self-service tasks easily by themselves.

Point-of-Care Devices: Healthcare professionals have a growing need for immediate, portable and secure access to on-line clinical information at the patient’s bedside. With easy touch interface, the devices are able to offer immediate and accurate response.

ShiningLTD offers specially designed SAW touch monitors for healthcare applications. We routinely cooperate with medical OEMs/ODMs, system integrators and terminal producers to help integrate our products into their total solutions.

All the products of the medical touch solution of ShiningLTD have obtained relevant certifications such as FCC,CE,EN60601, etc. and have reached the IP6X protection level, which is an ideal choice for the application of various medical institutions.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Interactive Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a large screen display terminal, suitable for large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public places. Push business, finance, and discount information for specific groups. It is an effective information publishing system and promotion method. Interactive Digital Signage makes traditional Digital Signage more Interactive and can be pushed more pertinently according to the collected user information.

The interactive digital signage solutions of ShiningLTD include 21.5 “, 32” and 42 “products, which can be applied to financial banking, retail, municipal public and other industries.

Financial Bank — with the rapid development of informatization in the financial industry, the business outlets of various financial institutions, the use of advanced networked digital media broadcasting platform to realize the release of financial information at any time has become the first choice for all outlets to improve their business capabilities and service quality. The increasingly active financial market and the increasing number of business types not only bring good opportunities for the rapid development of the financial industry, but also give banks, securities, the standardization of financial information release of insurance and other financial institutions has raised a new topic.

Retail industry — in the fierce commercial competition, the innovative marketing and promotion mode of digital signage and colorful product promotion not only spread the product information in an all-round way, but also further improved the brand image of the store, it has attracted more potential customers.

Municipal Public industry-with the formal implementation of the “Regulations on Government Information Disclosure”, government departments at all levels are facing great challenges of thoroughly improving information release services and improving public satisfaction. All kinds of display terminals are important carriers of government information disclosure, and are important channels to ensure that the people know government information and facilitate the masses to handle affairs. In order to uniformly publish and manage these display terminals at the front end and standardize all kinds of information at the back end, government agencies need a stable and reliable digital media information publishing system, to provide flexible and efficient government information portal services.

Digital Signages are changing the face of our public areas as electronic displays are fast becoming a common spectacle. Interactive Digital Signages have been employed in almost every business, from retail stores, to factories to public installations. ShiningLTD Digital Signages are specially designed to integrate seamlessly into urbane surroundings and to withstand the strict demands of these environments. We offer IDS terminals for various applications such as education, advertising, self-service check-in and way-finding terminals.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Industrial Control

The industrial touch solution is an intelligent interface that connects people and machines through industrial displays. It is an intelligent operation display terminal that replaces traditional control buttons and indicator lights. It can be used to set parameters, display data, monitor equipment status, describe automatic control process in the form of curves or animations, and can be simplified into PLC control program, the powerful touch screen creates a friendly human-computer interface. As a special computer peripheral, touch screen is currently the simplest, convenient and natural human-computer interaction mode. It gives Multimedia a brand-new look and is a brand-new multimedia interactive device with great attraction.

ShiningLTD offers industrial-strength touchscreen and touchmonitor solutions. Our touch displays are ruggedized and reliable enough to be implemented in demanding industrial environments where dust and liquids are prevailing. Sealable to industrial requirements, ShiningLTD products can be operated by unlimited touch styli like fingers, gloved-hand etc. The interactive Human Machine Interface display allows workers to operate the machines more intuitively with much ease of control. We provide cutting-edge technologies and a wide array of solutions with high quality and long-standing reliability.

The pure flat zero frame series products of ShiningLTD have the characteristics of pure plane, easy integration and maintenance, etc. It has a high level of protection against the erosion of liquid and dust, and is suitable for application in harsh industrial environment, it is an ideal industrial control touch solution.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Retail & Hospitality

In the retail industry, POS machines and digital signs are widely used. These devices can not only improve work efficiency, but also attract more customers for merchants. In large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and digital signs, the brand image can be established, so that merchants can have more stable customers.

With first-class touch performance and aesthetic appearance, ShiningLTD Touch Retail Solutions will help you work more productively and achieve better sales revenue.
Recent years have witnessed the trend towards self-service in a wide variety of public-facing applications both indoors and outdoors. Point-of-Sale touchscreen terminals and kiosks have made it possible for sellers to reduce costs and for customers to enjoy the convenience.

The zero-frame Surface acoustic touch screen of ShiningLTD places the traditional acoustic stripes on the back of the glass touch screen, which can be better integrated and is an ideal solution for retail POS machines. The large-sized pure flat zero-Border touch screen can be applied to digital signage, which makes traditional digital signage interactive and can effectively push merchant information to users.

Following this trend, the latest generation of ShiningLTD touchscreens and touchmonitors are exactly what retailers need to thrive in the markets. We offer both standard and customized touchscreens and touchmonitors that operate reliably in all environments. We can collaborate with you in innovating unique displays to enhance the interactive user experience.

In addition, ShiningLTD has launched 21.5 “, 32” and 42 “interactive digital signage all-in-one machines and customized professional software in the retail industry, which can be directly installed and used.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas


Self-service ticket vending machine is a kind of unattended, easy to operate, convenient and fast to query ticket selling equipment, which is widely used in the field of transportation, such as railway station, subway station, high-speed railway station, airport, etc. Users can purchase tickets with simple operations, and can print boarding passes, passenger travel itinerary, etc. through identification. To achieve the goals of efficient departure, low operating costs, and improved service quality.

ShiningLTD has built its reputation in the transportation market by offering first-rate touchscreen and touchmonitor solutions. As a matter of fact, ShiningLTD SAW touchscreens and touchmonitors are the proven solution for check-in systems at the airport, ticketing machines at subway stations and other system integrators in the transportation field. We are dedicated to delivering the state-of-the-art touch solutions and providing customers with the most premier user experience.

The surface acoustic wave Series touch screen of ShiningLTD has stable touch performance, accurate and fast touch response, and has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and violent click prevention, etc, it is very suitable for public places with large traffic. It is an ideal self-service transportation solution.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

Portable Device Touch

In many industrials, such as logistic, manufacture and mining, engineers usually use professional portable device to input, search or analysis data etc. Such device always has compact structure for handheld and can work reliably in bad conditions, for example, high temperature, electromagnetic interface, outdoor, etc. So, its touch interface must be enough reliable and tough.

SAW touch is notable as the most reliable and durable touch technology, but the normal SAW touchscreen needs much space for assembly typically, so it’s employed in installed device usually, such as various self-service terminals.

ShiningLTD has developed a all-new kind of SAW touchscreen for portable device applications, named SLIM SAW. It requires much less space for assembly than normal type and inherits the advantages such as high reliability, durability and high light transmission etc.

The acoustic touch screen body on the vehicle surface adopts special glass material, which is more conducive to the transmission of acoustic signals and can reduce the thickness of the screen body to less than 2mm without affecting the touch performance. Combined with the cable made from FPC, make the screen structure size more slender and compact, and meet the installation size requirements of vehicle-mounted information entertainment terminals. The Surface acoustic screen of pure glass has extremely high light transmittance, providing higher display picture quality. After anti-glare treatment, the display is still clear and readable even in outdoor strong light environment.

Touch screen solutions in 9 areas

We can help you to define the best solution for your specific niche, industry, budget and needs. We have the ability to create innovative custom designs ranging from large format touch screen displays to compact, embedded display solutions.

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Our touch screen solutions are expertly tailored to suit the unique needs of your niche and industry. Whether you’re looking for large screens, compact displays, or embedded designs, we have the expertise to deliver impressive custom solutions that fit your budget and requirements. With our innovative touch screen solutions, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes, enhance customer interaction, and ultimately boost your bottom line. Join us today and discover the benefits of our tailored touch screen solutions.

The repair and maintenance of traditional gaming display can be time-consuming and expensive while the Surface acoustic screen from ShiningLTD is durable, maintenance-free, and suitable for harsh environments. The dustproof and waterproof technology ensures sealing performance and reduces long-term maintenance costs. The explosion-proof pure glass product ensures scratch resistance and user safety.
An interactive whiteboard is a tool that is used in educational institutions to facilitate teaching and learning. With the acceleration of educational informatization, these boards and related solutions are gradually getting recognized and accepted by more and more educational and training institutions. They allow teachers to write directly on the electronic whiteboard with their fingers and effectively interact with students during the lecture.