Touchscreen Kiosks

The benefits of investing in touchscreen kiosks.

The benefits of investing in touchscreen kiosks. - Table of contents:

Touchscreen kiosks are becoming increasingly popular as customers look for a way to engage with businesses without having to wait for assistance. These kiosks provide an interactive experience, allowing customers to quickly and easily access information or services they need.

How can you provide your customers with interactive elements in your store to keep them engaged and to stay longer? Touchscreen Kiosks are a particularly effective way to achieve this. Here is what Touchscreen Kiosks are and examples of how you could implement them.

Touchscreen Kiosks

What are Touchscreen Kiosks?

Touch screen monitor kiosk provide a user-friendly way for your customers to interact with your business without the need for an available human employee. The specialized display responds when your customers press on the screen with their fingers. By doing this, users can engage with your business by finding the information they desire and having it displayed on the screen. This is something traditional or static displays can’t do as they are set to only show specific information that your customers cannot interact with.

These devices are typically placed in easy-to-access areas, so that important functions like your checkout and wayfinding are readily available to all. Your customers will appreciate this, as 66% of consumers prefer self-service over interacting with an employee because it is faster and less stressful.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Touchscreen Kiosks consists of a screen held in place by an attached stand or enclosure and specific software depending on the purpose the kiosk will serve.

How could a touchscreen kiosk benefit your business?

Reduce waiting times

Touchscreen Kiosks can provide your customers with an alternative method of gaining information, like the self-service kiosks. Without this option, your customers have to wait for one of your sales assistants to become available. On busy days this wait could go over 9 minutes, which is the amount of time shoppers are likely to give up waiting and leave. In fact, 80% of consumers will avoid a store if they think that the queue is too long.

Interactive solutions, such as touchscreen kiosks, can reduce the waiting times in your store by 35%. Your customers can gain the information they want without having to wait for human assistance and then quickly checkout using the self-service kiosks.

The touch element of these kiosks means that the desired information or action occurs instantly, which helps to speed up this process. Your customers do not need to wait for a sales assistant to locate the information they want, instead, they can approach a Touchscreen Kiosks and search for that product or store information. This is then displayed instantly with no waiting involved.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Increased revenue

The Touchscreen Kiosks can provide your customers with product information or store details, which means that your employees can dedicate their time to other important tasks. As a result, you’ll see an increase in the efficiency of your workforce as they are not having to spend as much time assisting customers. Your business will then benefit from a reduction in operating costs and expenses as your staff can complete their duties quicker.

An important benefit this technology can provide you with is that it will allow your business to serve more customers. As mentioned above, Touchscreen Kiosks provide fast service. Not only does this keep waiting times down but also means your business is able to serve more customers. You’ll also be able to attract an increased number of customers with this self-service technology which can further boost your business’s income.

Higher customer retention

In order to retain the loyalty of your customers your business needs to provide them with the service they are looking for. As mentioned above, customers are actively looking to engage more with businesses that can provide interactive self-service options, such as touchscreen kiosks.

30% of customers prefer to order from a kiosk versus a cashier even if the lines are the same length. By offering your customers this option you will be providing them with their preferred choice of service, which will encourage them to return to your business again in the future.

Touchscreen Kiosks

In the meanwhile, your customers are looking for fast service. 51 % of retail customers use self-service checkouts because they find the experience to be faster. As stated above, this is a capability of touchscreen kiosks. These devices are able to fulfill your customer’s needs immediately with no waiting involved. Achieving this will provide your customers with a positive customer experience, further encouraging them to return to your store in the future.

Examples of uses


One way you could deploy your Touchscreen Kiosks is as an advertising display. Unlike a traditional display, your customers would be able to interact with your content, which provides a much more engaging experience.

For example, the content on your display could be a game where your customers have to tap matching products. You could also include a leaderboard to encourage them to return and try again. By engaging your customers for longer you are able to communicate your messages clearly and reaffirm them in your customer’s minds.

Touchscreen Kiosks


Touchscreen Kiosks are particularly effective as information points. Whether it’s inside a shopping center, tourist information, or a corporate building, these devices can be loaded with all of the relevant information about the area that your customers may need.

The home screen on your kiosk could have various categories of information that your customers could be desired. For example, in a shopping center, you may have information on the different stores located here as well as opening times and where the emergency exits are located. Your customers would be able to tap on a specific category to bring up the information they desire and immediately become informed.


As a wayfinding kiosk, you’ll be able to inform your customers about the nearby area and direct them to the locations they desire. Similar to the information kiosk, your Touchscreen Kiosks could have a set of categories on the home screen for your customers to tap on. For example, you could include restaurants, events, and local stores. Your customers would simply tap on the location they want to go and would then be shown directions for how to get there from their current location.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Although often seen in retail environments, large corporate buildings can also find wayfinding particularly useful. Due to a large number of offices, it can be difficult for your visitors who aren’t familiar with the layout of the complex.

Having a Touchscreen Kiosks with wayfinding software will allow them to type in name of the room they are heading to or select it from a list, this would then bring up directions helping them to navigate to their destination.

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