Trade Show Digital Signage

Trade Show Digital Signage: How to Stand Out and Attract Visitors

Putting up a booth at a trade show is a great way to introduce your brand and what you have to offer to thousands of attendees. But with hundreds of booths exhibiting alongside yours, this is easier said than done. It would help if you found a way to stand out in a sea of your competitors. That’s where Trade Show Digital Signage comes in. With its dynamic and eye-catching displays, you can utilize digital signage to make your booth more attractive and worth visiting.

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This is your chance to make a great first impression, dive into a meaningful conversation with the trade showgoers, and hopefully, convert them into customers.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Trade Shows

Digital signage can level up your trade show exhibit and showcase your brand in the most appealing and engaging light. Among the benefits of a trade show digital signage include:

Attracts Attendees

Naturally, people are attracted to modern and advanced tech. And when they see digital signage in an exhibitor’s booth, they will likely approach it. The dynamic display can catch a passer-by’s eye in seconds, helping you focus on your booth.

Trade shows are settings where a lot of communication and interactions happen between the exhibitors and the attendees. But not all of the latter are comfortable with talking to a live person to ask questions or learn more about a product or service. Some people would like to explore what a business has to offer independently, and digital signage can do just that.

Trade Show Digital Signage

Digital signage can also be beneficial in case you see an influx of people waiting to hear from you. While they wait for their turn to engage in a conversation, they can pass the time by getting the essential information they need from your display.


Not only are consumers more inclined to interact with a digital display than to flip through a leaflet or brochure. But in this day and age where global warming is more pressing than ever, people are becoming intentionally supportive of brands with sustainable practices.

Traditional signs and collaterals are seen as wasteful and harmful to the environment. Trade show attendees will appreciate your paperless initiative and the decision to go with more sustainable digital signage.

Increases Brand Awareness

In line with digital signage being able to catch the eye of your audience, it makes them likely to interact with it and in the process, learn more about your brand.

As long as you leverage attention-grabbing designs, use different content formats, and deliver your message in the most attractive way possible, digital signage helps you raise brand awareness and retention.

Trade Show Digital Signage

Some Tips to Maximize Your Trade Show Digital Signage

1. Create an appealing space

Digital signage can add a significant ambiance to your trade show booth and attract potential customers through pure aesthetics. Utilizing signage with high definition, appealing video, and images can create just the right atmosphere that will draw in your intended audience.

2. Use audio to draw attention

Adding music or audio to your digital signage display is a must. Not only does music attract attention, it allows you to target a certain demographic. With your custom music playlist, you don’t have to be the trade show DJ to influence the crowd’s vibes… Although hiring a DJ for your booth is certainly an option!

Trade Show Digital Signage

3. Display content that will attract your target market

Digital signage is a great tool to streamline your message and get your value proposition out to the right market. Video and audio help your company break through the clutter and attract exactly the target market that you know has an interest in your product.

Customizing your content is the most important tool when it comes to converting customer awareness and interest into the decision and action phase of the sales process. If your content does not reach out to the right market, your trade show return on investment is going to be significantly less than.

4. Provide product demonstrations

Digital signage at trade shows allows your company to show customers what your product or service can do without actually having to physically demonstrate its capabilities. Streaming video tutorials and testimonials of your product or service is a great way to demonstrate your company’s abilities and allow customers to see what your company can do.

Trade Show Digital Signage

5. Make your digital signage interactive

Properly implemented touch screens can increase the time spent at a trade show booth significantly. Floor standing digital signage gives potential customers the ability to actively seek and find information without even talking to a salesperson. In a way, touch screens can serve as inbound marketing for potential customers who are more hands-on learners and want to learn about your products or services quickly and efficiently. For this reason, having the perfect content loaded onto your touch screen is crucial, whether as a webpage, an app, or another program.

The key to successful touch digital signage is quality information combined with easy access. Similar to optimizing your information for the web, it is important to optimize your content for interactive digital signage; if customers do not find the information they are looking for quickly, they will leave.

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Digital signage is not only a great way to make a trade show booth stand out from the crowd – digital signage allows your company to utilize video and audio to get your message across to a larger audience and continue the conversation longer with convention attendees.
Trade Show Digital Displays are tools for showing your company brand and advertising your products. As exhibitions often attract large and diverse audiences, digital signage provides a great platform to market your business and attract new customers.