Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

The Comprehensive Guide: Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

In the ever-evolving world of display technology, ultra wide stretched LCD displays have emerged as a unique and versatile solution for various applications. To better balance large screens and portability, display technologies that allow screens to be stretched have attracted the attention of the industry in recent years. Stretchable display technology enables the display to be stretched in all directions like a rubber band to change shape, and can also be adapted to any shape of the surface, known as the ultimate free-form display product.

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What is an Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display?

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD displays, often referred to as “bar type” LCD displays, are characterized by their non-standard aspect ratios, typically much longer horizontally than vertically. While traditional displays maintain a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, stretched display can have ratios such as 16:3, 32:9, or even more extreme proportions. This unique shape allows for a more creative and adaptable use of screen real estate.

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

Applications Of Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display


Stretched LCD displays are commonly used in public transportation systems, such as buses, trains, and subways, to display route information, advertisements, and announcements. Their long, narrow design fits perfectly above the seating areas.

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

Catering and Retail

Explore how stretched LCD displays can serve as dynamic menu boards in restaurants, cafes, and quick-service establishments, showcasing enticing food visuals and promotions.

In the retail sector, the ultra-wide stretched LCD display is employed for advertising and promotional purposes. They can be mounted vertically along store shelves to attract customers’ attention and convey product information.

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display


In hotels and restaurants, the ultra-wide stretched LCD display is utilized for digital menu boards, wayfinding systems, and information kiosks. Their elongated format enables easy navigation through menus and maps.

Gaming and Entertainment

Gaming venues and entertainment facilities often incorporate stretched LCD displays for immersive gaming experiences and interactive installations.

Digital Signage

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD displays are extensively used in digital signage applications, particularly in areas with limited space but a need for engaging visual content. They can be seen in airports, museums, and corporate lobbies.

Industrial Control

Ultra Wide stretched LCD display is also valuable in industrial environments for monitoring and control applications. They provide operators with a wide, continuous view of critical data.

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

Advantages Of Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

Space Efficiency

Their elongated form factor allows for efficient use of space, making them ideal for narrow or confined areas where traditional displays would not fit.

Enhanced Visibility

The unique aspect ratio ensures that content is displayed in a visually appealing and easily readable manner. It’s particularly useful for conveying information quickly.

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Display

Eye-catching Design

Stretched LCDs have a modern and eye-catching design, making them attention-grabbing in both commercial and public settings.


These displays can be installed horizontally or vertically, giving designers and integrators flexibility in their installations.

Seamless Integration

Stretched lcd display can be seamlessly integrated into existing environments, providing a cohesive and integrated appearance.

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Enhanced Visual Impact

Emphasize how the elongated shape of stretched LCD displays creates a captivating visual impact, making them ideal for grabbing attention and delivering immersive experiences in retail stores, transportation hubs, hospitality venues, and other public spaces.

Flexible Installation

Highlight the versatility of ultra wide stretched LCD displays, which can be mounted horizontally or vertically, embedded into walls, or even curved to conform to curved surfaces, enabling seamless integration into various environments.

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Ultra-wide LCD displays have carved a niche for themselves in various industries, offering a unique and attention-grabbing way to present information and engage audiences. With their space-efficient design, versatility, and modern aesthetics, they are likely to continue to find applications in an ever-expanding range of settings.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative uses for stretched LCD displays in the future, further enhancing our visual experiences in various aspects of life.

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Content Creation: Creating content for non-standard aspect ratios can be challenging, requiring specialized design and formatting.

Cost: Custom-sized stretched LCD panels can be more expensive than standard displays, which can impact project budgets.

Maintenance: Maintenance and replacement of stretched LCDs can be more complex due to their unique form factor.

Higher Resolutions; Flexible and Curved Displays and Integration with AR/VR, etc…