Upgraded CE, FCC and ROHS certification Interactive LCD Digital Display

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    We have recently upgraded our product certification. We have conducted CE,FCC and ROHS certification for the latest certification standards for our Interactive LCD Digital Display and All in one kiosk and Stretched displays. The certification details as following:

    CE EMC Certificate of Conformity

    Applicable Standards:

    • EN5032:2015+ac:2016+A11:2020
    • EN IEC61000-3-2:2019
    • EN61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019
    • EN55035:2017+A11:2020

    CE LVD Certificate of Conformity

    Applicable Standards:

    • EN 62368-1: 2014+A11: 2017

    RoHS Certificate of Conformity

    Applicable Standards:

    • IEC62321-5:2013
    • IEC62321-4:2013+A1:2017
    • IEC62321-7-1:2015
    • IEC62321-7-22017
    • IEC62321-6:2015
    • IEC62321-8:2017

    FCC Verification

    Applicable Standards:

    • FCC CFR Title 47 Part 15 Conducted (Main Port) Pass Meet Class B limit

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