10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc - TABLE OF CONTENTS

USB OTG is an extension of the data processing function, allowing data to be read from USB devices without requiring a PC. The device has basically become a USB host. At this level, USB OTG expanded many additional useful functions for android tablet pc.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

What is USB OTG?

OTG is The abbreviation of On-The-Go. This technology was published by USB Implementers Forum On December 18, 2001, and began to be popularized in The market around 2014. USB OTG technology is mainly based on the development and popularization of USB technology and is fully compatible with the USB2.0 protocol.

Using USB OTG can be separated from PC equipment and use USB ports on various equipment for data exchange. It solves the problem of inconvenient data exchange of connection interfaces of different systems between various devices.

In other words, OTG is mainly applied to the connection between various devices, especially various mobile electronic devices on the market, such as android tablet pc, mobile phones, printers, consumer electronic devices, etc.

Check If Your android tablet pc Supports USB OTG

In view of the inconsistency between the device interface and USB type, OTG generally has the following types:

  • USB2.0 OTG; including Micro 5PIN OTG and Mini 5PIN OTG.
  • Micro USB3.0 OTG;
  • Type-C OTG; devices that currently support Type-C interfaces.
  • Lightning OTG; OTG for IOS.
10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

It can be seen that when using OTG, different OTG types should be selected according to the interface of the device. When using USB OTG functions, the following conditions are required:

  • Device connection: use OTG connection line/adapter for different device interfaces.
  • Data storage: a USB flash disk with a corresponding interface can be directly inserted into the android tablet pc.

Once you’re ready with USB OTG for your android tablet pc, a world of opportunities opens up.

Here are some of the most popular expanded functions.

1. Connect Flash Drives and External Hard Drives

When you are on a business trip or traveling, it is not convenient for your PC to connect internet. You can use your mobile phone or android tablet pc to receive data and copy the data from your mobile phone by using a USB flash drives that supports OTG, then plug the USB flash drive into the PC.

Or if you are worried that the memory of your mobile phone is not enough, it is enough to bring a small OTG cable and a large-capacity External Hard Drives! I took a photo and copied it to the external Hard Drives at night. The next day, the mobile phone had full space to take new photos!

A few more movies or TV plays can be put on the external Hard Drives. You can connect to your mobile phone to watch it at any time without network on the way out, which does not occupy the memory of your mobile phone and is convenient to carry.

With the OTG function, you can directly connect the mobile phone to the USB flash drive without using a computer. Only one OTG cable is needed to connect the mobile phone and the USB flash drive respectively.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

Flash drives are the easiest to connect; external hard drives may or may not work. Portable hard drives that draw power from the phone won’t always work, but external drives with their own power source should work just fine. You’ll need these drives to be in FAT32 format, as NTFS doesn’t work properly with Android.

2. Temporary reverse charging

When going out, some small devices (bracelet, smart watch, MP3, etc.) are out of power, you can use the special OTG cable supporting reverse charging to connect the mobile phone for charging.

To reverse-charge, connect the OTG cable to the android tablet pc that will act as a power source. Then connect your small devices to charge the OTG port via USB cable. While the charging is slow, it should help if your small devices runs out of juice and you don’t have access to a power source.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

3. Play With Video Game Controllers

The older Xbox 360 controller also works with Android devices via USB OTG. It’s as simple as plug-and-play to start gaming with a controller. Of course, you need to play games that are compatible with a controller.

If you have rooted your Android device, you can also connect PlayStation controllers. With this, you could connect a PS2 controller and turn your Android device into a retro gaming hub!

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

4. Connect and Access the Internet via Ethernet Cable

A lesser-known USB OTG function is its ability to connect your Ethernet connection to an android tablet pc for internet access. This can come in handy if you want to get better internet speed than your Wi-Fi.

Apart from an OTG adapter, you would also need an Ethernet to USB adapter (Ethernet connection via OTG feature may not be available on all smart android tablet pc. Make sure your phone supports this feature before attempting).

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

5. Control Android tablet pc With Keyboard and Mouse

Android’s open nature makes it easy to connect just about anything. If you want to use your tablet as a laptop, a keyboard and mouse is integral to the experience. You’ll be happy to know that Android works well with most wireless and wired keyboards and mice.

Yes, mobile phones can also be operated by connecting the keyboard and mouse like computers. For people who need to type frequently, they can connect the keyboard with mobile phones to type faster.

For those who like to work lightly, also use the OTG function to connect the android tablet pc with a mouse and keyboard, and use the tablet like a computer, which is more convenient.

We recommend getting a wireless keyboard and mouse set with a unified receiver, since you only have one available USB connection.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

6. Record Audio Directly to Your android tablet pc

You can use OTG to record audio from a USB microphone to your android tablet pc. Whether you use your android tablet pc as a workstation or just an amateur, compared with the built-in or external microphone connected through the 3.5mm audio jack, the USB microphone that can utilize peripherals can provide better recording function.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

Your android tablet pc has a built-in recorder, but it is very basic. For dedicated microphones, the configured application provides more custom options, including stereo playback, custom sampling rate, buffer size selection, and even recording format options.

7. Print Directly From a Printer

Much like keyboards, printers with a standard plug-and-play USB work well with android tablet pc. These let you start printing without requiring a wireless connection or having to transfer anything to a PC first.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

Of course, it’s easier if your printer has Wi-Fi support.

8. Control Your Digital SLR camera

Photographers will love this one. You can wire your android tablet pc up to your digital SLR camera and turn it into a giant live screen, complete with the ability to capture, focus, control shutter speed, and much more.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

You will need the digital SLR camera controller app, It is quite useful for enthusiastic digital SLR camera owners.

9. Directly Transfer Photos From Digital SLR camera to android tablet pc

If you want to move photos from your digital camera to your android tablet pc, you can do it without using your laptop or SD card reader via OTG. You will need a USB cable that connects to your camera and then to the OTG adapter.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

Once connected, you can import all the photos from your camera to your android tablet pc. It is a handy feature if you edit photos on your android tablet pc or want to share uncompressed images via email.

10. Connect and Play Music Instruments

USB OTG enables you to connect MIDI-compatible music instruments such as keyboards to your android tablet pc. Combine the two with a decent music app, and you can create music on your handheld android tablet pc on the go.

10 USB OTG expanded functions on android tablet pc

While smaller MIDI keyboards can be powered by android tablet pc, some may require an external power source. Also, check the type of connection supported by your keyboard and if it requires an additional adapter to work with your OTG adapter.

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