Uses of Hotel Digital Signage

Best Uses of Hotel Digital Signage: Enhancing Guest Experience

Guest experience is the pulse of the hospitality industry. The industry has been exploring various methodologies in an era where technology has evolved quickly globally. The Uses of hotel digital signage is where communication between hotels and their guests is transformed to a different level.

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Be it the concept of personalization or information distribution–these systems have resulted in a wide range of advantages and have changed how hotels communicate with guests earlier.

Ways of digital signage to enhance guests

Self Service Concierge

Uses of hotel digital signage been various concierge services like transportation arrangements, off-site reservation bookings, event planning, and more so guests are constantly aware of services that are offered.

The vibrancy of digital signage messages will not go unnoticed in a hotel space, where guests expect to have that information readily available for convenience.

Hotel Informational Signage

Like most individuals nowadays, guests want to have information readily available. Hotel digital signage is an ideal platform to portray information to keep guests informed at all times. Having critical messages for guests always available will ensure that they get the information they’re looking for without needing to track down hotel employees when in a time crunch.

Uses of Hotel Digital Signage

Interactive Kiosks

Give your hospitality space’s lobbies, reception desks, concierge area, and rooms a sleek and modern feel with visual digital displays. Interactive kiosk displays with engaging content, such as social media streaming, local information, and guest amenities will not only intrigue guests, but will also portray an impressive advanced aesthetic.

Direct Visitors with wayfinding kiosk

Wayfinding capabilities integrated through digital signage and wayfinding kiosk are a means of directing guests onsite. Hotels and resorts are massive, and both first-time and recurring guests can get turned around in unfamiliar areas. Hotel guests will be appreciative of being able to get simple directions in no time.
Visual digital solutions and displays should be a top priority of hospitality entities, especially as technology advances moving forward. Not only do digital signage displays look spectacular, but they also provide critical information that guests not only want but need.

Uses of Hotel Digital Signage

Uses of hotel digital signage

1. Accelerate Check-in

For many properties out there, check-in is considered a make-or-break moment. A bad check-in can force a customer to give a negative review, which could damage your hotel’s reputation. You will have a hard time recovering from such unwanted reviews.

Digital signage makes the check-in process seamless by letting them auto check-in or assisting them in finding the information they need. Your front desk team can focus on other vital tasks without letting their attention be monopolized.

Several digital signage displays offer self or automated check-in. Guests arriving at your hotel for the first or sixth time can operate the touchscreen to check in, drop their bags, and explore the town. This way it provides some relief to your front desk team during peak transition times.

2. Provide Travel Information

In case an emergency arises, your screen can broadcast information swiftly. Make sure you update digital signage displays throughout your hotel to inform guests where they should go and what they need to do. Don’t forget to update them as the situation improves.

When we are traveling, time plays an essential role. This signifies travel delays can be a real pain and can even ruin the most organized plan. When you use digital signage for sharing real-time travel updates, it can make a great difference to your guest’s experience.

Uses of Hotel Digital Signage

3. Acquire Social Marketing Skills

Visual marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has proven beneficial for hotels at every step of the way. Digital signage offers a new tool for guests allowing them to share their experiences. Using social postcards for uploading images from your property or location will be a great thing to do.

Your guests can customize and send digital postcards to their loved ones using social media or email. It is fun and genuine to promote your property as well as your destination with almost no marketing overhead costs.

4. Display Local Guides

The majority of visitors coming to your hotel are looking to explore the city, travel a bit, and unwind from their daily mundane routine. The first and the most important thing you can do is to display the tourist attractions and other places to visit. Ensure the opening and closing times are displayed along with the finest traveling modes.

5. Showcase Your Wall Art

Create an attention-grabbing feel to the entrance of your hotel by displaying fascinating wall art on various TVs. They must be arranged in a format so that an excellent view can be created.

Any guest can form an impression in the initial ten minutes of their arrival. Having said that, you (as a hotel owner) can consider using digital signage displays to welcome your hotels through welcome or greeting messages. Uses of hotel digital signage been display promotional videos on numerous recreational sections of your hotel.

Uses of Hotel Digital Signage

6. Handle Events Without Any Hassle

One of the best uses of hotel digital signage is that it can facilitate vent management and prevent attendees from getting lost and confused during their stay in the hotel. Using outdoor digital signage in conference rooms, event rooms, and throughout the property will help them find the meeting room or the next lecture.

As uses of hotel digital signage, you can use tailored messages and provide directions. In addition, you can provide WiFi access to all attendees, which will keep the front desk team from feeling overwhelmed.

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Placing several digital signage devices in the reception area gives guests a self-service option when they check-in. The digital display devices can also serve as an information kiosk that answers frequently asked questions. This tactical use of smart devices can help beleaguered hotel staff process guests faster.
Uses of hotel digital signage to provide better guest experiences and promote their services. Research has shown that digital displays attract four times more views compared to static signage.