Using Digital Retail Signage

Revolutionizing Retail: Discover the Advantages of Using Digital Retail Signage

Shopping centers have changed a lot. They’re not just places to buy things and eat anymore. They’re cool places to have fun and do fun things. They have movie theaters with new movies and amusement parks with exciting rides. Shopping centers have to be creative to get people to come and visit. They know that people want more than just shopping – they want unique and exciting experiences. That’s why lots of shopping centers use Digital retail signage that display cool things people want to look at. This makes visiting the shopping center more fun and interesting. Shopping centers use these Digital retail signage to make shopping more exciting and to encourage people to come back again.

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With the right Digital retail signage at your mall, you can offer a better customer experience, and more engagement and save a lot of time and resources.

Ways to use Digital Signage at a Shopping Mall

1. Advertising for retail stores

The high volume of traffic a shopping mall receives makes it a great location for maximum ad visibility. Even more beneficial is that the audience, mall goers, are ready to spend, making ads all the more effective in converting viewers into paying customers.

Having Digital retail signage in a shopping mall gives retailers a platform to market their brands and introduce their products in an eye-catching manner, bringing more traffic into their stores and increasing their sales.

Using Digital Retail Signage

Flyers and marketing pamphlets of these offers do offer a limitation of sorts. If you go to have Digital retail signage that displays these offers, there are chances of getting more sales and footfalls.

Not just the offers, but anything be it new arrivals, your brand values, and brand endorsements can be marketed using digital signages inside retail spaces.

2. Digital menu boards in restaurants or food courts

No one needs a reason to eat food but they surely might need the right one to dine at your place when they have so many options to choose from at a mall.

With the digital menu boards, restaurants can easily update their food items, prices, or out-of-stock items as well. They could also help you manage queues, get faster orders, and increase turnaround time.

If you are a new restaurant in town, you would want to highlight the items on your menu that are unique and something that you would want your customers to try.

Using Digital Retail Signage

Create a special menu using them so they are noticed easily. With some amazing editable templates already available in the digital signage software, it gets easy to grab attention with your menu boards.

Nearly 30% of customers feel that digital menu boards influence their purchasing decisions.

3. Promote movies near cinemas at the mall

Movie trailers already carry a charm of their own. Digital signage at the cinema hall can be put to good use with the trailers of upcoming movies.

With a busy life, not everyone has a chance to stay updated on which movies are coming out and when. With trailers being displayed in the hallways, customers are kept updated on the latest releases especially if they are the much-awaited ones.

A lot of well-known movie franchises like Harry Potter, Avengers, or any Marvel or DC movie grab a lot of eyeballs with their amazing trailers being shown at the central hall or the entrance of the mall.

Using Digital Retail Signage

4. Wayfinding guide for visitors

Malls are definitely not a confined space. There are different types of visitors one can easily expect there.

Some are there with a lot of time on hand, some a defined one, and some are in a rush just to get something quick while some are visiting the mall for the first time.

An interactive touch screen kiosk is a good way to start wayfinding guides. These are definitely needed at large shopping malls that have multiple floors or those that have a lot of tourists coming frequently.

Using Digital Retail Signage

It is crucial for them to locate what they are looking to have or else there are chances of them leaving in a hurry or frustrated. You can go on to display the map guide of the entire floor at the mall near the lift so it gets easier for the customer to navigate through the space.

5. Safety guidelines

Shopping malls have definitely seen a fall in their footfall after the pandemic. Though now at this stage, everyone is trying to get back to normalcy but precautions need to be taken.

Messages like the importance of wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and following social distancing are very important to stay safe. With Digital retail signage, you can pick up almost any location to display these messages and they will be taken note of.

Digital retail signage can also be used to display the guidelines on what is to be done in case of any sudden health emergency and where to reach. Malls serve masses and with many people visiting it on and off, there is a need for such messages to be displayed.

Strategic locations like the lift door, the hallways, washrooms, and billing counters can be used to educate visitors and reinforce health precautions.

6. Amazing visual experience at the center mall

Do you keep remembering those amazing 3D displays on giant TV screens at the entrance of a public space like a mall? They surely create a lot of impression at the first look and could be a reason someone might decide to visit your mall again.

Parents with kids might understand that fascination. Go on to use Digital retail signage to create an amazing abstract view with the juxtaposition of colors. This could kick a nerve for art lovers as well.

This would definitely help you get more traffic, and more repeat visitors and also could act as a perfect place for families.

Using Digital Retail Signage

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Digital signage displays in retail stores give customers a more genuine look and feel of a product by emphasizing its unique qualities, perspectives, or design through videos or images.
Digital retail signage is filled with features that push customers further down the sales funnel and motivate them to make a purchase. From getting their attention to allowing them to interact with the display to make a purchasing decision, a digital signage display can be a profitable investment for businesses.
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