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Video picture frame looping advertising screen display

Video picture frame come in a range of sizes and while they may look like traditional photo frames, they’re anything but! They allow you to proudly showcase your digital images in a high resolution, both individually or as a slideshow. It’s easy to transfer photos with a USB port, so you can switch up your Video picture frame display whenever you feel like it.

Digital photography has made it so easy to document those precious moments in life – whether you’re taking everyday candid snaps or capturing special occasions like weddings and trips to exotic locations. But when it comes to displaying your digital photographs, it’s not always so simple – especially if you’re a keen photographer and you can’t narrow your collection down to a select few to print and frame. And that’s exactly where our digital photo frames come in.

Take a look at our quality Bush video picture frame. Choose sleek and stylish black or bright white depending on your chosen interior decor and the look you’re going for. You can choose between both portrait and landscape settings – and for extra flexibility, these frames are compatible with a wide array of memory card types.

Video picture frame looping advertising screen display SH2151DPF

Each angle view of SH2151DPF

Video picture frame looping digital photo frame SH2151DPF

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