What is a Digital Sand Table

What is a Digital Sand Table and How Does it Work?

Digital sand table Overview

Guiding ideology of Digital sand table system design

Digital sand table display system mainly includes digital signage display screen with strong image processing capabilities and good display effects, as well as a matching built-in image processor and touch control system to support the lifting and deformation of the sand table. The angle and height of the display screen can be well adjusted by pushing the electric telescopic rod.

Manual and automatic adjustment methods can be used to achieve military exercises, fire drills, and safety drill simulation demonstrations through the screen.

According to the different needs of customers, different structures and software content are designed to achieve a greater degree of customer ID, achieving unparalleled cost performance.

According to the construction objectives, usage requirements, and physical environment of the Digital sand table, we have designed this LCD Commercial Display System scheme.

The system integrates the application of the world’s most outstanding high-definition digital display technology, LCD splicing technology, image processing technology, multi-channel signal switching technology, centralized control technology, etc., making the entire system a large LCD screen display system with high brightness, high definition, high intelligent control, and easy operation.

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Digital sand table design principles

Principle of advanced type

Digital sand table system structure used should be advanced, open, and scientific in the use of the system. The entire system can reflect the current development level of display technology.

Principle of practicality

It can meet the requirements of actual work to the maximum extent, considering satisfying the business management of users as the first element, and adopting a centralized management and control mode. On the basis of meeting the system functions, it is easy to operate, maintain, and manage.

According to the user’s requirements for input signals, different video processing systems can be selected to achieve input of VGA, composite video, S-VIDEO, YPBPR/YCBCR, DVI/HDMI signals, and IP network signals, meeting the requirements for different signal inputs in different applications.

Through control software, various signals can be switched, spliced into full screen display, arbitrary combination display, image stretching display, image roaming display, image overlay display, and so on.

What is a Digital Sand Table

Feasibility of Digital sand table system

Digital sand table is made of sheet metal and aluminum alloy, and is designed according to the application environment. It is simple to install, fast to disassemble, and has a flexible structure. It can be moved in any elevator by combining multiple structural methods such as folding type and pin type.

Create personalized systems and provide different implementation solutions and technical support based on the different needs of customers.

What is a Digital Sand Table

Digital sand table system reliability

Digital sand table display screen can work continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The digital signage display screen has the characteristics of reliability and high stability to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system.

Due to the characteristics of low power consumption, light weight, long service life, and no radiation, commercial displays are highly reliable.

What is a Digital Sand Table

Digital sand table system openness and scalability

Digital sand table system follows the principle of open systems. In addition to direct access to VGA, RGB, and video signals, the system should also be able to access network signals, broadband voice, and other signals. It can switch and dynamically display various signals at any time, providing users with an interactive platform, and supporting secondary development;

The system should have the ability to add new equipment and new functions, making hardware expansion very simple. At the same time, the software only needs to be expanded and upgraded to meet the requirements, without having to modify the source program. The system hardware and software can easily “keep pace with the times.”!

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Want to know more about the technical indicators of electronic sand tables? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about this innovative technology.
Support customization! Digital Sand Tablesystem should have the ability to add new equipment and new functions, making hardware expansion very simple.
Mainly used in the real estate industry for military exercises, fire drills, safety exercises, and other simulation demonstration purposes.
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