What is a Square LCD display

Decoding the Square LCD Display: How it Enhances Visual Experiences

The square LCD display is a customized electronic product with high technological content, which is generally used in special scenarios. For many users, the square LCD display is a brand-new product, or most users know little about it when using it.

What is a Square LCD display

At present, the domestic square LCD display market is uneven, and the product quality is uneven, so it is difficult for users to buy To cost-effective square LCD screens.

Five key parameters of square LCD display:

1. Screen brightness

Usually, the contrast ratio of the common square LCD display in the commercial display industry is 3000:1, which is relatively high. If the contrast ratio of the square screen is not high, the colors of the pictures displayed on the screen will not be bright and rich.

2. Resolution

Resolution is one of the important parameters of the screen display effect. The resolution of the square screen determines the resolution and fineness of the screen. Most of the screen resolutions currently on the market are relatively high, For example, the common square self order kiosk are 2K/4K/8K. If the resolution is too low, don’t select it.

What is a Square LCD display

3. Input signal type

If the square LCD display only supports the input and output functions of a single signal type, its use in many places will be limited, and it is more convenient to support the input and output of multiple signal formats.

4. frame material and size

There is a metal frame on the four sides of the square LCD display panel. The frame material is generally sheet metal or aluminum alloy. We recommend the aluminum alloy frame because of its excellent heat dissipation performance and light texture, and the aluminum alloy frame can be made thinner and narrower, which is not possible with traditional sheet metal frames.

In contrast, if the border is too large, it will affect its overall appearance, which will cause a great impact on the display effect.

What is a Square LCD display

5. Brightness

If the brightness of the square display is not enough, the picture displayed on the screen will not be seen in a bright light environment. You can choose this according to your own needs. If you need to use it in a strong light environment, you can choose a high-brightness screen, and you can choose a low-brightness screen in an indoor environment.


1. The square LCD display has high reliability and good stability and is suitable for working in harsh environments.

2. The square LCD display screen has a strong display effect, with high definition, high brightness, high color gamut, high contrast, and 100% color reproduction. Compatible with HD and SD multi-format signal input: HDM, DV, VGA.

It can be moisture-proof, lightning-proof, dust-proof, cold-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static, anti-interference, anti-seismic, anti-oxidation, and other qualities.

What is a Square LCD display

3. The square LCD display is intelligently used and can be adjusted according to the intensity of the light. It can be clearly seen even under direct sunlight.

4. The square LCD display has a long life, effectively saves energy, and the product is lighter and thinner.


The square LCD display is a true 1:1 LCD screen with a resolution of up to 1920×1920. It supports 7*24 hours and 365 days of continuous booting. It has very high reliability and stability. It can be used for splicing or Can be used as a single display.

What is a Square LCD display
Square LCD displays are often used in commercial new retail, chain restaurants, cosmetics stores, high-end luxury stores, boutiques, exhibitions, and other fields. Square LCD display is gradually replacing traditional billboards, light boxes, and other display products due to its special dimensions and the advantages of being able to play a variety of materials (such as video, pictures, audio, text, etc.).

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