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    1. Definition of RJ45 interface

    RJ45 has not only interfaces, but also corresponding crystal heads, mainly referring to 8-pin connectors, which are mainly used for Ethernet. “RJ” means Registered jacks, “45” indicates the standard serial number of the interface. RJ45 usually connects the end to an Ethernet cable, which is used to connect various network devices, such as computers, routers, switches, etc.

    2. Type of RJ45 interface

    There are many types of RJ45 interfaces, which are mainly divided according to cable standards. Common types include 3 types, Super 5 types, 6 types, and Super 6 types.

    (1) class 3 RJ45 coupler

    What is RJ45 interface

    This series of unique panel mounted couplers can be installed on panels of any thickness. Solid crimping metal frame ensures firm installation and reliable grounding.

    (2) Super Class 5 RJ45 coupler

    What is RJ45 interface 05 min

    This kind of ECF panel RJ45 coupler can be installed at almost any panel thickness through a solid die-casting metal frame. Designed to work with EIA/TIA568A and B wiring, these RJ45 couplers provide a reliable method for high-speed data communication through racks or rack panels.

    (3) class 6 RJ45 coupler

    What is RJ45 interface

    This microcoupler is less than 1 inch (2.5cm) in length, shorter and lighter than the standard coupler, thus saving rear space for your application to the greatest extent. This feature can leave more space for installers to operate behind racks, distribution racks or junction boxes, and improve air flow, and by reducing the stress of the cable outlet, ensure that the bending degree of the Assembly does not exceed the relevant requirements.

    (4) Super Class 6 RJ45 coupler

    What is RJ45 interface

    It is used for cross-junction box or panel connection of over 6 types of RJ45 Ethernet cables, IP68 professional protection, and the internal coupler is shielded coupler, which is especially suitable for use in special environments.

    3. How to install RJ45 coupler

    Because there are many kinds of couplers, there are many different installation methods, mainly introduce the following two types:

    (1) Installation of ultra-excellent ECF series Crystal Head Mother Base

    What is RJ45 interface

    (2) Installation of super class 5 right angle coupler

    What is RJ45 interface

    In integrated wiring, when it comes to Wall wiring, main wiring frame and floor wiring frame (IDF) wiring, it often encounters the situation of insufficient wiring frame depth. At this time, if this kind of series of products are selected, the problem can be solved. The unique design of this series of super 5 types of right-angle couplers can make the distribution frame show 90-degree outgoing line, which greatly saves equipment space compared with the traditional 180-degree outgoing line.

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