What is the service life of all in one computer

What is the service life of all in one computer?

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We can roughly summarize which aspects lead to the service life of all in one computer.

1: Computer mold

Yes, all in one computer mold is the biggest obstacle and killer that affects the life of pc computer. In recent years when Intel introduced the concept of Ultmoldrabook, many manufacturers made the shell of pc computer thinner and thinner, which led to unreasonable design of shell mold, as a result, the whole all in one computer becomes softer and softer to use, and the Internal of the open and close motherboard of the pc computer is distorted every time. The new pc computer is OK, but after 3 years of use, the failure rate increases and the service life decreases.

2: Mainstream configuration is useless, must be mainstream model

Any brand of pc computer, with the same configuration, will have high-end, mid-end, low-end. The price is also from high to low. What we can see is only the difference in shell workmanship and the difference in screen color gamut. But what about the invisible places inside? The adjustment of the motherboard BIOS, the design of the heat dissipation system, the configuration of the internal structure, the public model, will all lead to the increase of the machine failure rate, and the same configuration, it does not play its due running speed. This is why there are so many models in each brand, and all the people is only recommending one or two of them. Because the manufacturer does not have so much energy to make every pc computer so perfect. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the mainstream model instead of the configuration. Because all in one pc that is not designed carefully, even if the configuration is good, it may not play its due performance. It will also affect the failure rate and service life.

3: Correct and reasonable maintenance

Pc computer needs maintenance, because dust and high temperature will seriously increase the failure rate. Too much dust will easily lead to a short circuit of components in humid weather. However, high temperature will easily lead to an increase in the probability of failure of graphics cards and memory. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is generally recommended to clear the dust once a year (before summer) in places with a large amount of environmental dust, such as construction sites and Roadside. Under normal circumstances, generally, it is recommended to clean the ash and change the silicone grease for 2-3 years for maintenance. Many people will think that if it is broken, repair it. As long as the performance is sufficient, can the pc computer be repaired badly? If it is a small problem, the capacitor is burned, broken down, and aged, these can be used stably after repair. However, if it is a GPU or memory fault, even if it is repaired, it is basically not very stable, and the probability of re-repair is still relatively high. It is the mainboard of these two parts that has been repaired, and basically it is badly damaged. Unless you pay a lot to replace the motherboard.

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4: Upgrade properly

At present, for all in one computer with mainstream configuration, the general rule seems to be to upgrade once every 3-5 years, and the previous pc computer can also upgrade the processor. It doesn’t work now. It seems that only memory and SSD capacity can be upgraded. However, if all in one computer slow down, the calculation mainly depends on the processor. If the processor is not enough, you can choose a lower version of the software as far as possible, and don’t upgrade your work Software all the time, such as CAD, PS, etc, can extend the pc computer usage as much as possible. Playing games mainly depends on the graphics card, so if you slow down, you can only reduce the image quality.

Summary: A mainstream all in one computer at present should be able to be used comfortably for 3 years, barely used for 5 years, and do not care about the user use experience for up to 10 years.

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