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    Sliding advertising screen, also known as Advertising screen with slide, is a combination of customized slide track and interactive screen. The audience can push the Advertising screen up, down, left and right according to the track. There are different kinds of Advertising screen, which can be customized according to the needs of customers, the screen is to project the image onto the big screen. Just click on the image system on the surface of the big screen to accurately locate the image according to the actions of fingers and conduct a series of interactions such as magnification, reduction and rotation according to the actions of users, at the same time, interactive function can be generated according to track sliding.

    Sliding advertising screen classification

    On the basis of the interactive screen, the advertising screen adds a manually controlled slide track, which greatly saves the field area.

    Sliding advertising screen uses system settings to realize automatic continuity of dynamic targets. The dynamic display wall breaks the shackles of traditional electronic display items and does not need human control. Once visitors approach the advertising screen, the advertising screen is turned on immediately and moves with the movement of visitor.

    Sliding advertising screen can also be called the swing advertising screen. The screen can rotate at any angle according to the customized content. In addition, the product display produces magical image effects during the rotating process of the screen.

    Principle of sliding advertising screen

    Sliding advertising screen is composed of customized slide track, advertising screen or industrial touch screen, infrared sensor, light box, host, etc. The audience can push the LCD screen up, down, left and right, when the audience pushes to the decimal point, the screen will coincide with the decimal point. Advertising screen will automatically play this part of the video content and interact with the audience. The Slide track can also be Suspended track, Embedded track, Up and down track and other customized tracks.

    Composition of sliding advertising screen

    Interactive technology has been favored and applied in many industries. In order to make the display more novel and the visit experience more abundant, sliding industrial touch screen has been launched, as soon as the interactive slide screen was launched, it was welcomed by museums, enterprise digital exhibition halls and other fields and had a certain publicity effect.

    Composed of sliding advertising screen
    1. Control procedure To control the mobile motor, the sliding advertising screen depends on this set of control program to slide.
    2. Guide rail pulley Use concave guide rail and convex pulley to complete sliding.
    3. Hinge Hinge 3cm wide slotted more than 15cm deep to achieve better sliding.
    4. Hanger LCD screen hanger is used to hang the screen and is customized according to the size of the screen.
    5. Sliding advertising screen LCD screen or LED screen can be used. There are still many occasions to use industrial screen to customize sliding advertising screen.

    Advantages of sliding advertising screen

    Sliding advertising screen integrates various effects such as fun, interactivity, entertainment, practicability, etc., which makes the interactive effect of entertainment experience more prominent. The amazing static and dynamic image interaction is realized, and the specific and powerful advertising effect is achieved. This not only makes the vivid display of boring text images on the video convenient for customers to watch, but also can better explain, making visitors clear at a glance, and the fresh interactive effect attracts visitors to visit, at the same time, the good design also adds some interactive atmosphere to the exhibition hall and exhibition hall, improves the economic benefits, enables tourists to interact with the publicity content, and increases the popularity.

    Sliding advertising screen

    Application fields of Sliding advertising screen?

    Sliding advertising screen application fields are mainly used in conference exhibition halls, exhibition halls, museums, memorial halls, exhibition halls, museums and so on to display the contents of the pictures on the wall. Now it is also widely used in exhibitions, shopping malls, high-end shops, this not only makes the relatively boring text image displayed on the video convenient for customers to watch, but also can better explain to customers to understand, visitors can see at a glance, and also reduce the burden of the narrator. In addition, the large screen also has a very large amount of information, which can save more space than pictures and words, make the whole exhibition hall more vivid and random, and truly realize power saving and energy saving, and one of the better choices for interactive slide rails, it is low-carbon and environment-friendly to attract people, and its fresh interactive effect will certainly attract people to visit. Meanwhile, good design and artistic effect will also add some interactive atmosphere to the exhibition halls and exhibition halls, and also improve economic benefits, let tourists interact with the publicity content and increase the popularity of the museum.

    With the progress of the era of science and technology, people are not satisfied with traditional display products and other ways. Due to the increasing number of various thematic exhibitions, people begin to use novel display products for display and explanation, Sliding advertising screen is one of the better choices, which not only has interactive effect, but also is beautiful and convenient for customers to appreciate. While appreciating, it also increases the interest and, more importantly, saves the space area.

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