Transparent display case

What is transparent display case?

Transparent display case is a new display method based on OLED Transparent Display, with touch and software video. The transparent display can make the screen as transparent as glass. While maintaining transparency, it can also ensure the richness of color and display details of the dynamic picture. Therefore, the transparent interactive LCD display device can not only allow users to watch the exhibits behind the screen at close range but also Let users interact with dynamic information on transparent displays.

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With the continuous development of display technology, transparent screens are emerging. Compared with traditional liquid crystal displays, transparent displays can bring users unprecedented visual experiences and brand-new experiences. Since the transparent display itself has the characteristics of screen and transparency, it can be applied to many occasions, that is, it can be used as a screen and can replace transparent flat glass.

At present, transparent displays are mainly used in exhibitions and product displays, such as using transparent screens instead of window glass. In the future, transparent displays will have a very broad application field.

For example, in construction, transparent displays can be used to replace window glass, and in electrical products, they can be used as glass doors for refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other electrical appliances. The transparent screen allows the audience to see the screen image and at the same time see the items behind the screen through the screen, which enhances the efficiency of information transmission and adds a lot of fun.

Transparent display case

Transparent display cases, also known as transparent display cabinets, are high-tech products integrating microelectronics technology, computer technology, optoelectronics technology, and information processing technology.

Transparent display case

It is mainly composed of a transparent display screen with a liquid crystal module, an adapter power supply, a play box integrating a drive module and a power supply module, and other components. The imaging quality of the Transparent display case has been improved in an all-around way, which avoids the loss of brightness and clarity of the image quality produced by light reflection imaging and does not need to use the reflection imaging principle of light to directly image.

Product Features

1. Brand-new A+ grade 4K LCD screen, full-screen display, area display without black borders, and no blind spots;

2. Full HD, wide viewing angle, fine picture quality, high definition, wider viewing angle, no distortion display;

3. Rich applications, easier to use, only a few simple parts can realize complex projects;

4. Realize multiple values: high-end brand display, product promotion, and new product recommendation, making your products more popular and bringing greater advertising and economic benefits;

5. Provide a more valuable way of communication, the audience touch operation and image interaction, can zoom in and out, and the details are displayed more clearly;

Transparent display case

6. Built-in computer, system configuration (stand-alone version, network version) optional;

7. With touch and 3D models, large products can be displayed, 360° allows customers to have a deeper understanding, and at the same time achieve cost-saving effects (network version or above configuration);

8. It can realize interconnection management, with touch query software, remote control switch, production and management of advertising information, programs, etc. (supported by the online version and above);

9. The content is flexible and has no time limit. Connecting a U disk and controlling it through the computer can realize the product introduction or synchronous playback of graphics and videos;

10. A new generation of intelligent digital signage, the overall style is simple and fashionable, with an elegant temperament, highlighting the charm of the brand;

11. The network and multimedia technology are interconnected, and information is released in a multimedia manner. The transparent display can simultaneously display physical objects, release information, and interact with customers in a timely manner;

12. A variety of device interfaces (support customization) to meet your different application requirements;

13. Energy saving and environmental protection: compared with traditional LCD screens, the power consumption is lower;

14. It adopts an explosion-proof fully tempered glass screen, which is anti-scratch, anti-collision, and anti-glare.

Transparent display case


1. Make the display effect more perfect and harmonious, present you with vivid and lifelike visual effects, and realize the vivid display of playback content while displaying products.

2. Realize the leapfrogging of display technology to drive the development of the advertising industry, automobile industry, and large-screen projection display industry, and finally realize industrialization to serve the public and create continuously growing social benefits.

3. The imaging quality is improved in an all-around way, avoiding the loss of brightness and clarity of the image quality caused by light reflection imaging, and direct imaging without using the reflection imaging principle of light.

4. The appearance style is simple and fashionable, and information is released in the form of media. At the same time, it can display physical objects, release information, and interact with customer feedback in a timely manner.

Transparent display case

Application field

Main application areas: specialty stores (jewelry, watch jewelry, clothing stores, etc.), exhibition halls (for the display of technological products), museums, cultural and art museums, banks (display of commemorative items over the years), sports (basketball) stores, specialty stores, Family villas, high-end clubs, personal collections, hotels, and other fields.

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A see-through display or transparent display is an electronic display that allows the user to see what is shown on the screen while still being able to see through it.

Transparent display case uses a Transparent LCD Screen with a powerful backlight, displaying white pixels as transparent to allow users to conceal the contents of the display based on the content on screen.