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Window Facing Display Tips to Increase Sales and Visibility.

Window Facing Display Tips to Increase Sales and Visibility. - Table of contents:

Window facing display are an efficient way to advertise your business. These specialized lcd signage display are often placed in the front window of stores, with the purpose of grabbing attention from customers passing by. Window facing displays are a great tool for increasing awareness and reaching out to potential consumers.

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Unlike a consumer-grade screen, digital window facing displays are designed to produce high brightness levels of 700 nits or higher. This ensures that even in direct sunlight the content is still readable. The most common environment for this type of digital signage display is retail, where businesses will use them to attract customers to enter their stores and make a purchase.

Digital window facing displays can have a significant impact on your footfall as 70% of shoppers have entered a new store based solely on its signage. So these lcd signage display can give you an increased chance to make sales with all of the additional customers you could attract to your store. Here is the reason that your business needs a digital window facing display.

Grab attention

The main reason you would want to install a digital window facing display in the first place is to expand the reach of your branding. This display is able to call out to passing customers and encourage them to take notice of your business.

With a digital window facing display, you are able to present motion graphics and videos, something traditional displays can’t do. This is significant when it comes to attracting the attention of your customers because video content is capable of capturing an average of over 400% more views than static displays.

Window Facing Display

The motion on your digital window display will be what initially catches the eye of someone walking by causing them to look in the direction of your business. Then your digital signage is able to communicate your messages encouraging them to further interact with your business.

Display a variety of content

Digital window facing displays offer you flexibility in the type of content you want to display. You could use your device to display your business information, such as opening times in a static display. This would look similar to a traditional print display. In the meanwhile, with a digital window facing display, you can showcase dynamic content such as video and motion graphics, etc…

Another motion graphic you can take advantage of a digital window display is transitions. If you have a few pieces of content you’d like your screen to show; the easiest way to do this is with a content management system. With this, you can set up your content in a loop and set which transition will play between your content.

Window Facing Display

Cross channel marketing

Creating a unified message across your various marketing channels can help to build relationships with your customers as they recognize your content. It’s also something that is expected, as 88% of customers expect consistent interactions across channels.

The content you show on your digital window facing display can be tied in with your social media and other online advertising. If you already have the content created for your online campaigns, you can simply edit it to make sure it is optimized for the screen size and then either, add it to a USB drive and plug that into the display, or connect your device to a cloud-based CMS and upload the content there.

Whichever way you choose to add this content to your digital window facing display you will end up with a display that is in line with your online campaigns. This will reinforce your message, as it will provide familiarity to your customers when they see the advert in your window, helping to build your brand.

Quick customization

As mentioned above you can use a CMS to control what content is displayed on your device at any given time. With a CMS, once your digital window display has been paired with the cloud-based system you can set a schedule for what content will be displayed.

However, if you want to make any changes or want to experiment with some new content, you can do this straight away. If you are using a cloud-based CMS, you simply need to log into it on any device with a browser and upload the new content or make your adjustments from within the content builder. Then you can push it to your digital window display and your screen will update immediately.

A significant advantage of this quick and simple update system is that it requires no downtime or stopping your content. Traditional window displays would need to be taken down leaving an empty space resulting in a potential loss in sales as you are not able to promote anything during this time.

A digital window display can be left showing the existing content until the moment you finish updating it on the CMS, at this point the screen will immediately begin showing the new content.

Window Facing Display


Digital window facing displays are a very cost-effective way of communicating with your customers. For the device, you will just have to make the one-off purchasing payment and then you can start presenting your content. This price is likely to be worth it for your business as you could see an increase of 30% in the number of sales thanks to this digital signage display.

If you are looking to use a CMS to control when certain content is displayed, then this will likely require a subscription cost. However, if you aren’t looking to change your content particularly frequently you could simply add your content to a USB stick and plug that into the device, making the display even more cost-effective.

Unlike traditional print displays, you won’t have to rely on other people or businesses to design and produce your content. This means no waiting for your content before your can start displaying it and no additional costs to have it made.

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To create a unique and eye-grabbing window display, you’ll first want to spend some time brainstorming creative ideas first. Then start gathering the merchandise and materials you’ll need and bring your window display idea to life.